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Cut-Size Sheeting and Packaging

BW Papersystems is a leading manufacturer for the sheeting and paper converting industries

Our cut-size sheeters and wrappers convert and package copy paper, office paper or printer paper of a variety of sorts. We have the equipment for paper mills and paper converters.

We offer complete line solutions to convert cut-size paper from the paper reel to the finished pallet. Whether sheeting A4 or a full-size range of office paper products, we offer various, customized machines. Our machines range from 2 up to 16 pockets, producing office paper at its best. The full line solution is completed with inline ream wrapping, cartonizing and further downstream equipment.

Our machines' reliability, versatility, and efficiency provide high-quality solutions for all requirements. From large paper mills, smaller mills, and specialized paper converter, BW Papersystems has a machine for your business.

P 22-02 Cut-Size Sheeter

The P 22-02 cut-size sheeter is a 2-pocket-wide machine for versatile converting of A4 copy paper or loose leaves. The production speed of up to 550 m/min. and its easy handling make the P 22-02 a highly efficient office paper sheeting machine.

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SLK 490 High-Performance Cut-Size Sheeter

The cut-size sheeter SLK 490 sets standards in mass converting of all common office paper grades. Available with 7 up to 10 pockets, it offers high-performance with speeds of up to 450 m/min. With maximum cost-effectiveness, it provides the perfect ream and cut quality.

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SLK Flexible Cut-Size Sheeter

The SLK Procut, available with 2 up to 6 pockets, is a flexible sheeter for the converting of various paper types, grades, and sizes. Its various options include punching, perforating, or printing, allowing you to produce popular office products on only one line.

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Model 390 High-Speed Ream Wrapper

The Model 390 ream wrapper is ideal for integration with high-volume cut-size sheeting operations where exceptional quality is a must. The machine is designed for high-speed wrapping of standard U.S. and metric ream sizes.

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Model 33 Flexible Ream Wrapper

The Model 33 ream wrapper combines speed (up to 120 reams/min., A4), servo drive technology, and ream size flexibility. It is designed for worldwide metric standards and precise ream packaging in kraft, laminate & polypropylene wrapping materials.

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Model 32 Intermediate Ream Wrapper

The Model 32 ream wrapper is designed for mid-speed wrapping of all metric and standard U.S. ream sizes including half-ream packages.

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SLK 470 High-Performance Cut-Size Sheeter

The SLK 470 cut-size paper sheeter is a highly automated, high-performance machine. It provides trouble-free, non-stop and efficient production of up to 800 tonnes per day – at minimum order sizes of only 1 pallet. The machine is available with 11 up to 16 pockets.

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Model 124 Paper Ream Inspection System

Precise, accurate inspection of wrapped reams and automatic, in-line rejection of defective reams

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Model 137HS Ream Stacker and Accumulator

The Model 137HS ream stacker/accumulator precisely stacks reams to preset height and ensures smooth product handling.

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Model 162 High-Speed Case Packer & Lidder

The Model 162 provides precise, high-speed casing of single or double-stacked reams with only limited operator Interface.

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Model 163 Versatile Case Packer & Lidder

Versatile cartoning of a wide range of ream sizes in both two-piece or wrap around style boxes.

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Model 123 Case Inspection

Precise inspections of all cases for defects and packaging quality, including a simple, ergonomic case re-insertion mode

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Sheeting Machine Features

BW Papersystems' cut-size sheeters offer the best cut accuracy, output, efficiency and size flexibility on the market. They can handle various paper grammages and types, at different speeds and with different automation levels.

Sheeting Machine Applications

BW Papersystems' extensive portfolio includes cut-size sheeters for various production environments. Our automated, high-speed sheeters, with 8 up to 16 pockets, are ideal for large paper mills. These machines offer non-stop and efficient production.

Our flexible cut-size sheeters of 2 – 6 pockets are specialized paper converting machines for loose leaves and copy paper. They are the perfect solution for office products and stationery manufacturers.

Our Cut-Size Sheeter Product Line

BW Papersystems offers a cut-size sheeter for all production and output requirements. Whether you need 2 or 16 pockets, size flexibility or mass production, high automation or easy operation - we have a cut-size sheeter machine for you.

With inline ream wrapping, cartonizing and further downstream equipment, we can even offer a full line solution. Learn more about our machines.

WillPemcoBielomatik P22-02 Cut Size Sheeter with CSW 25 Ream Wrapper

A small, flexible and efficient busy bee – the WillPemcoBielomatik P 22-02 cut-size sheeter runs at 550 m/min. with up to 20 reams of A4 copy paper per minute. Its design allows to run up to 4-pocket wide rolls on this 2-pocket sheeter. Options like A5 or flexo ruling for loose leaves make this sheeter even more versatile for small paper converters or stationery manufacturers.

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With our extensive experience, we have developed a wide variety of Upgrades and Technical Improvement Programs (TIP) to keep your BW Papersystems equipment prepared for future production demands.

The Technical Improvement Program offers a catalogue of standard upgrades.

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Machine Upgrades
We’re thrilled to have partnered with BW Papersystems on this project. BWP’s first-rate products, and the fact the machine was built right here in Wisconsin, made them the obvious choice for this capital investment.
Scott Monnot, VP & General Manager, Sheboygan Paper Box Company, Sheboygan, WI, USA