Web-Fed Platen Die Cutter

Zerand equipment is built to last. Heavy-duty construction enables our cutter lines to deliver reliable high-speed performance and low maintenance requirements for years. In fact, it’s not surprising to find Zerand die cutters still going strong after more than a quarter century.

What has distinguished us over the years is the precision and quality of our cutters. Our narrow and wide-web reciprocating platen die cutters and strippers continue to set the industry standard for speed, quality and productivity.

The Zerand Line Concept: Platen Cutters cut, crease and strip a continuous web of printed paperboard, to form individual blanks in register with the printed art and deliver them in either shingled streams or stacked batches.

Platen Die Cutter Line

Zerand builds on engineering expertise to create platen die cutter lines that are considered the best in the world. Designed for high-speed, high-volume non-stop operation, our custom-engineered die cutting lines will exceed your expectations for both precision and productivity.

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Zerand Unwinder Unit

Efficiently feed printed or unprinted web from reel to printing and converting operation.

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ELS (Electric Line Shaft) Cutters

All Zerand cutters come standard with ELS on the lower feed roll and the metering roll.

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ELS (Electric Line Shaft) Stripper

Once a carton has been precision-cut, the ELS Strippers efficiently remove the waste. Accurate waste removal without unnecessary, complex and time-consuming operations is ensured by belt transport of cartons through the strippers.

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Belt Askew

The Zerand Belt Askew provides controlled and predictable separation of folding cartons.

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Zerand’s servo-driven collator is specifically designed to handle long cartons with improved running speed and shingling quality.

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Zerand Butt Splicer

Precision splicing unit facilitates continuous production for web-fed processes in the converting industry.

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Zerand Festoon

Festoon with Dancer feed provides smooth operation and optimal web tension.

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Two Stage Delivery Table

The Delivery Table distributes the individual carton blanks on two delivery conveyors in a series of parallel shingle‑like rows (or streams) for delivery to a Stacker Unit

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Gap Generator

The Gap Generator “intended use” is to work in conjunction with the Delivery Unit and the Stacker unit

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Carton Stacker

The Stacker unit, receives carton streams from the Gap Generator, parallel streams of shingled cartons are conveyed to the Carton Stacker.

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With our extensive experience, we have developed a wide variety of upgrades and Technical Improvement Programs to keep your BW Papersystems equipment prepared for future production demands.

The Technichal Improvement Program offers a catalogue of standard upgrades for attractive conditions.

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Machine Upgrades

We wanted our next 55” Zerand die-cutter from BW Papersystems to be the first machine installed in the new building.

Engineer Manager, Paperboard Packaging Manufacturer, USA