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Increase your market share with Used Machines

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to increase your output, look no further than a used BW Papersystems machine. We offer equipment pre-owned sheeters to corrugators components for businesses who want a lower-cost option to test a new market, or to increase production economically with the same reliability and quality the world has come to expect from BWP, even with a tight budget.

Whatever your business needs, BW Papersystems can help you find a used machine that’s a perfect fit for your line and help you get set up for success.


The Benefits of Buying Used Equipment


 Maximize Your Investment 

if you buy a used machine from BW Papersystems, the advantage is our experienced technical experts can inspect, upgrade, or completely overhaul the used machine for you. It's up to you, and your company business needs if you want to buy as-is or refurbish the machine. You can rely on BW Papersystems to be your partner for your “new” used BW Papersystems machine. 



At BW Papersystems, every manufacturer should be able to use world-class equipment to take their line to the best it can be. However, we know that not every company can afford the newest equipment. That’s why we’re committed to providing as-is or refurbished used equipment to allow businesses to upgrade their business without breaking their budget.

Expert Installation 

When you buy a piece of used equipment from BW Papersystems, you get far more than a machine. Our highly trained expert engineer technicians will successfully install your “new” used machine into your production line. We’ll take care of the whole process, teach your staff how to use the equipment, and quickly get your line up and running again.

Custom Solutions

We understand that no two production lines are the same. The best piece of equipment is the one that precisely suits your unique needs. If you buy a piece of used equipment from us, you can buy as-is, or our expert technicians can inspect, refurbish, upgrade, or completely overhaul your machine to better meet your goals.

Industry-Leading Support

When you buy from BW Papersystems, our relationship doesn’t end after installation. We genuinely care about the success of the businesses we supply. We offer remote troubleshooting, further equipment training, and routine equipment maintenance to ensure your line is always top-notch. We’re not just a supplier—we’re your partner in paper converting excellence.

Find Used Paper Converting Equipment

Browse BW Papersystems’ selection of pre-owned machines below. To narrow your search, you can sort selections by product name, brand, or industry type.

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Folio Sheeter available

Used Valmet 1450 TSK Sheeter

The Valmet Sheeter is from 2005 and is a model 1450 TSK and is 57” wide (1450 mm). It is sold as-is with wire and wireways. 

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Valmet Apollo CTS Folio Sheeter

Used Valmet 1450 CTS Sheeter

The Valmet Sheeter is from 2002 and is a model 1450 CTS and is 57” wide (1450 mm). This single knife sheeter includes four-shaft unwind stands and a pneumatic loading slitting unit. It is sold as-is with wire and wireways. 

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SHM Folio Sheeter

Used SHM 1400 Sheeter

This SHM 1400 Sheeter has 5 shaft-type unwind stands,  one with SU hydraulics. It can cut 1400 mm (55”) maximum sheet width and 1575 mm (60”) maximum length. In addition, it includes a Kelva web cleaner and dust collection systems for easy maintenance.

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SHM Sheeter

Used 1985 SHM 1400HS Sheeter

The SHM brand was a part of Pemco, and now is a part of BW Papersystems. This 1400HS model (55” wide) was built in 1985 and offers a hi-lo reel stand, slitter, knife and stacker.

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1989 Pasaban

Used 1998 Pasaban Sheeter

While Pasaban Sheeter is not one of BW Papersystems brands, we are offering this used paper sheeter machine for sale. It’s 1600mm (63”) and has a rotary knife with a maximum mechanical speed of 300 mpm (1000 fpm).

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Preowned Corrugator Splicer Model I

SPLICER: Used Model I Splicer

Our used Model I splicer ranges in speed from 150 MPM (500 FPM) - 230 MPM (750 FPM). This machine uses both a Single and Double Dancer system, with automatic tension control. Maximum paper width reaches up to 2,200 mm (87 in).

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SheetRunner Folio Sheeter MarquipWardUnited

Used Marquip SheetRunner Precision Sheeter

 Available used Marquip SheetRunner Precision Sheeter originally manufactured in 1996. This machine has an operator side catwalk by AJE and right-hand operator controls.

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SPLICER: Used As-Is Model IM Splicer

This as-is splicer runs as if it's brand new with a speed of 275 MPM (900 FPM). The machine can handle paper widths up to 2500 mm and uses a Double Dancer system.

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Preowned 2400 Rotary Die Cutter

Used 2400 Rotary Die Cutter

Our used 2400 Rotary Die Cutter with Extend-o-feed lead-edge feeder is available. This machine has a bottom printing flexo unit (2 roll to roll, 2 carbon fiber chambered doctor blades.)

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Lexus Sheeter

Used 2014 Lexus Sheeter

This model HSM 56 Lexus Sheeter is a flat bed die cutter that has a maximum speed of 300 mpm (1100 fpm).  It offers one fixed position roll stand and a flat plate life table.

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Bielomatik Cut-Size Sheeter and Wrapper

Used 2012 Bielomatik Cut Size Sheeter and Wrapper

This line of Bielomatik Sheeters and Ream Wrappers offers a cross cutter with edge trimming and slitting. The ream wrapper is rated at 60 reams/min with 2 out, and 30 reams/min with 1 out. 

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GRM Folio-size Ream Wrapper

Used 2011 GRM Folio-Size Ream Wrapper

This ream wrapper is historically part of PEMCO but is now part of BW Papersystems. It can operate up to 17 reams/min, and has depalletizer, unwind station, ream wrapping section, buffer belt conveyor, and palletizer system.

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Corrugator Knife, Stacker and MCS MarquipWardUnited

Used 2011 MarquipWardUnited Knife, Stacker & MCS

Our used 2011 MWU Knife, Stacker, and MCS features right hand drive paper going and left hand discharge paper going. The machine has a 3050mm (120 in) lower level and 4060mm (160 in) upper level.

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Web-in Slitter MarquipWardUnited

Used 2006 MWU Automatic Web-In Slitter

This MWU Automatic Web-In Slitter has a maximum paper width of 2200 mm (87”) with one slitting section and 4 slit heads. This is a stand-alone machine but requires a support platform. 

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Sheetleader Folio Sheeter

Used 2005 MWU 1500 (59") SheetLeader Precision Sheeter

Originally manufactured in 2005, The MarquipWardUnited manufactured SheetLeader is 1500 mm or 59 inches wide and has dual rotary direct-drive knife as well as a horizontal web aligner. It features a shingling section with top belts, vacuum-modulated overlap, and a reject gate.

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SHM Sheeter

Used 2005 1450SR-HS Sheeter

This used single-knife sheeter is a 1450 mm (57”) wide machine with shaftless unwind stands, Tidland slitting unites, a motorized decurler, and a dancer tensioning system. It also includes a knife outfeed tape belt section, overlap vacuum, shingling section, and more.

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TSK Valmet Cut-Size Sheeter

Used 2003 As-Is Valmet TSK Sheeter

The Valmet TSK Sheeter is a dual rotary knife, with one web tension control,  a 1500 mm (59”) pile height, and overlap tail blowdown. It is sold as-is.

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Pemco Ream Wrapper

Used 2002 Pemco Model 66L Ream Wrapper

The sizes of reams the Pemco Cut-Size Ream Wrapper can produce range from the length of 254 mm (10”-18”), the width of 203 – 305 mm (8” – 12”), and the height of 19 – 127 mm ( 0.75” – 5”).

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Used 2001 CTS 1450mm wide sheeter

Used 2001 CTS 1450mm wide sheeter

With 4 x unwinds, 7 pairs of slitting toolings, 5 x Tab Inserter Units , PLUS hoist / crane

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Used MarquipWardUnited Corrugator Cutoff Knife

Used 1997 MarquipWardUnited Corrugator Knife

This as-is machine uses energy efficient drives and active control cabinet cooling electronics. Our 100L Model III Liquid Cooled DBL Level Knife features dual rotary knife cylinders with helical-wound blades.

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Pemco Ream Wrapper

Used 1988 Pemco Ream Wrapper

Designed to wrap 8.5”x11” and 11x17” paper reams, this 1988 Pemco Ream Wrapper is a right-handed machine and has 3-phase supply voltage. It comes in a variety of sizes and has the option of an additional paper spindle.

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Preowned Corrugator Splicer

SPLICER: Used Model IMX Splicer

Our used IMX splicer features a Triple Dancer systems and bridge mounting channels. This machines also uses a rollstand revolution sensor and interface for maximum efficiency. This 1995 model reaches 300 MPM (1100 FPM) with left hand drive paper going, linear position.

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Corrugator Splicer

SPLICER: Used Model IH400 Splicer

This 2,500 mm used splicer features bridge mounting channels, an automatic tension control system, and left hand drive paper going, medium position. With our routine testing and tuning, this model is ready for immediate sale, and good as new for your job.

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Preowned Shear

SHEAR: Used Dual Rotary Shear

Manufactured in 2015, this dual rotary sheeter contains a compact Logix PLC with Panel View touchscreen. It uses helical-wound blades on knife cylinders for straight cuts for your various applications.

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Pre-Owned Ward 66” x 113” Print Section

Pre-Owned Rebuild and Certified Machine Specifications originally manufactured 1987. 39” board line and new 54” track extension included. Customer visit and inspection required.

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Used Corrugator Machine Control System, Knife and Stacker

Used 2006 MWU MCS, Knife, Stacker

This pre-owned machine adds efficiency and power to your finishing equipment line. The Model 3 Double Level 100L Knife with Model IV Knife Outfeed features right hand discharge and varying sheet lengths for lower and upper levels.

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Used Ward Rotary Die Cutter 1999

Pre-Owned 1999 Ward Two Color Rotary Die Cutter

Available pre-owned Ward Two Color Rotary Die Cutter with dual extended feed. This 19999 Rotary Die Cutter has two print units with dual chamber doc blades.

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Used 1990 Pemco Model 37 Ream Wrapper

This 1990 Pemco model 37 Ream Wrapper was designed to work with the ECH Will Sheeter. It is a left-handed machine with size change parts for A4 only. Its features include low wrapper roll detection and a new Nordson Glue System.

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GLUE MACHINE: Used Eagle Double Glue Machine


Our as-is MarquipWardUnited Eagle Double Glue unit reaches speeds of 300 MPM (1,000 FPM). Manufactured in 2004, it features a double level and is right hand drive paper going.

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CONVEYOR: Used Load Former

Right angle take off conveyor for Rotary Die Cutter

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Used Corrugator Splicer

SPLICER: Used Certified Marquip Model I Splicer

Our used certified Marquip Model I splicer features splice speeds of 150 MPM (500 FPM) to 300 MPM (1000 FPM). The machine also uses automatic tension control with an operator lighting system.

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Corrugator Stacker

Used Certified Double Downstacker

For application versatility, our double downstacker uses both vacuum and accumulation conveyors, with speeds up to 300 MPM (1,000 FPM). The machine contains an operator side catwalk system and a lift bay safety curtain system.

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KNIFE: Used Certified Cutoff Knife

With energy-efficient air-cooled motors and drives, this used cutoff knife makes an impact. The machine uses skewed knife cylinders with helical-wound blades for extra precision.

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Single Preheater

Used 2004 MarquipWardUnited Corrugator Single Preheater

This used pre-heater integrates into your existing finishing line, with a complete power up and test package available. Featuring a stackable design and powered wrap, the machine measures at a 112" width and 36" diameter.

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2000 Curioni Flexo Folder Gluer

2000NT Curioni Flexo Folder Gluer

Our 2000NT Curioni Flexo Folder Gluer is available. This Flexo Folder Gluer has a 4 bottom printing flexo unit and extend-o-feed lead-edge feeder.

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Used 1989 Pemco Ream Cartonizer

This is a left-hand ream Pemco cartonizer with a design speed of 6 reams per minute and works with a Lenox folio sheeter. However, it can be adopted to work with other sheeter specifications.

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Valme Apollo TSK Sheeter

Used Valmet Apollo TSK Twin Knife Sheeter

Our used Valmet Apollo TSK Twin Knife Sheeter has a new DFE Steadyweb, 5 tension control system that was installed in 2017. This Twin Knife cut off is capable of 15.75" min to 81" max.

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If you have purchased a pre-owned machine and need to relocate it, contact BW Papersystems to discuss your relocation or installation plans with our experts now.
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Benefits of Used Paper Converting Equipment

There are several benefits to investing in used converting, die cutting, splicing, sheeting, and other paper converting machines and equipment from BW Papersystems. Buying used can help you meet your short-term business goals, keeping your production line running while you save up for newer equipment. You can maintain your productivity standards and satisfy customer demands without significant financial strain.

Our experienced team can seamlessly fit machinery into your current setup, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

We pride ourselves in building equipment that stands the test of time. Our used paper converting machine equipment maintains the same efficiency level as our newer products. We thoroughly inspect our pre-owned machinery so you can trust its quality.

Opting for used paper product machinery allows you to enjoy cost savings, operational efficiency, and a practical solution to meet your immediate production needs.

Machine Relocation

Have you recently acquired a pre-owned machine and need assistance with relocation or installation? Our team of experts is ready to help you seamlessly move and set up your equipment. From planning to execution, we have the expertise and experience to ensure a smooth and efficient relocation or installation process.

Wide Range of Reliable Pre-Owned Equipment for Your Product Line

At BW Papersystems, we understand the importance of finding the right equipment for your unique industry needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of reliable pre-owned solutions that are constantly updated to meet the market’s changing demands. 

Whether you’re in board converting, paper converting, or other industries, we have the equipment to help you achieve your production goals.

With our diverse inventory of pre-owned paper converting equipment, you can browse by product, brand, or industry to find the perfect fit for your business. Our offerings include equipment from well-known brands such as MarquipWardUnited, WillPemcoBielomatik, Kugler-Womako, Questec, and many others.

Please note that our pre-owned stock changes regularly, so check our inventory frequently to find the perfect equipment for your needs. Trust BW Papersystems for your pre-owned equipment requirements. Let us help you find the right solution to enhance your production capabilities!

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