Banknote Production

Ream Transport

  • Safe transport of reams
  • Notching, labelling, sheet inserting, wrapping and palletising

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Ream Counting & Collecting

  • Exact ream count
  • Precise ream alignment

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Belt Section & Overlapping

  • Sheet separating & reject gate
  • Deposition system for control sheets
  • Overlapping of sheet

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Cross Cutter

  • Central drive
  • Tandem cutting system
  • Best cutting quality

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Edge Trim

  • Web edge trimming
  • Simple knife change
  • Best cutting quality

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  • Fully automatic Non Stop reel change
  • Precise register splice
  • Generator brakes

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Worldwide preferred banknote sheeter

BW Papersystems sets a benchmark in the banknote sheeting over the last decades. We are proud that most of the currencies worldwide are converted on our P 25-85 Stack and Ream Machine. In the production of national currency, a very high level of technology is required. Our banknote and security paper sheeters provide the needed precision and reliability.

P 25-85 Banknote Stack / Ream Machine

The P 25-85 is a high-precision, reliable, state-of-the-art, cut-to-register Folio Sheeter for the converting of banknote and security paper materials from reel into sheet. Available as a Stack and Ream Machine depending on customer requirements. Over the last few decades, BW Papersystems has set the benchmark in banknote sheeting. We are proud that most currencies worldwide are converted on our machines.

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P 25-85 Banknote Stack and Ream Machine

BW Papersystem presents P 25-85: the Folio Sheeter for the converting of banknote and security paper materials from reel into sheet. 

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Spare Parts

BW Papersystems provides top-quality, original machine spare parts to provide peak performance, efficiency, and safe operations from your machines. We know there are times when getting a part very quickly is pivotal for machine productivity, so that is why we store parts in warehouses all over the world, ensuring quick shipment of premium, critical parts.

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OEM Spare Parts
BW Papersystems has always more than met our expectations in terms of machine and product quality and high productivity. First-class equipment and supplier for first-class customers with high-performance standards. That's why we would buy a BW Papersystems banknote sheeter again.
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