Corrugated Finishing Machines

Corrugated Finishing Equipment - Rotary Die Cutter

Vacuum Overhead Stacker

Excellent for handling complex die cut products

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Rotary Die Cutter

Ultra Heavy-Duty Rotary Die Cutter

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Inside Printing

Inside & Outside printing in a single pass

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Superior Sheet Control for better printing and die cutting

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ServoPro Rotary Die Cutter & Vacuum Overhead Stacker

BW Papersystems is a world leader in corrugated finishing equipment

Our BW Papersystems corrugated finishing equipment includes flexo folder gluers and rotary die cutters as well as ancillary equipment such as the Twin Box Slitter and Vacuum Overhead Stacker. Our robust rotary die cutters and flexo folder gluers offer superior productivity and print quality. Contact BW Papersystems to learn more and discuss your specific needs with our team.

Twin Box Slitter | Slitting Machines

After a Flexo Folder Gluer / Casemaker produces a 2-up corrugated regular slotted (RSC) or half-slotted container (HSC), the Twin Box Slitter separates the finished product by slitting it down the middle, creating two boxes out of one fed sheet.

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ServoPro Rotary Die Cutter

The MarquipWardUnited ServoPro is a Robust Open-and-Close Servo Driven Rotary Die Cutter

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G-Grafix Flexo Folder Gluer

The G-Grafix Flexo Folder Gluer has a simple and robust design to easily operate and maintain over previous models. This alone makes it a valuable addition to your production line, but that’s not all.

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MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter

BW Papersystems’ MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter is a robust, high-performance machine with high-end print quality & customizable print sections. Learn more.

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MiniPro Flexo Folder Gluer

The 6.18 (26.71) MiniPro Flexo Folder Gluer is ideal for production of small boxes and is designed to help box makers dealing with frequent printing plate changeover and reduced order sizes.

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G-Grafix Rotary Die Cutter

The G-Grafix Corrugated Rotary Die Cutter is a robust workhorse designed to perform in the most demanding production environments.

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VOS - Vacuum Overhead Stacker

Maximizes rotary die cutting production with a high-end stacker featuring vacuum transfer belts, an efficient cleaner section, automatic setup, and full servo controls.

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Printing Inside the Box

BW Papersystems is supporting their customers in adopting new packaging trends such as Printing Inside the Box.

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Features of Our Corrugated Paper Finishing Equipment

BW Papersystems’ corrugated paper finishing equipment can offer many features to meet your production needs. We offer controls integration and customization on machines built to last. Our MarquipWardUnited rotary die cutters and flexo folder gluers have a legacy of durability. Learn more about our paper finishing equipment below. 

Control Integrations

We offer controls integration for our corrugated finishing equipment. Our rotary die cutters and flexo folder gluers are designed to offer streamlined controls with complete integration with our stacker and Twin Box Slitter. We will also work with other OEM suppliers to offer end-to-end integration solutions from pre-feeders through palletizers. 

Legacy of Durability

All BW Papersystems corrugated finishing equipment is built under the MarquipWardUnited brand name and has a legacy of durability. Our robust line of paper finishing equipment, such as our state-of-the-art rotary die cutters and flexo folder gluers, is built to offer decades of consistent, reliable performance and can withstand the most demanding product environments.

Customization Options

BW Papersystems offers a variety of options to customize our line of paper finishing equipment. For example, our rotary die cutters and flexo folder gluers can be customized with one or many print units. Inside print units can be added to many models for single pass dual side printing. Additionally, dual slotters are also available on several machines. 

Twin Box Slitter

Double the Productivity of your Flexo Folder Gluer with our Twin Box Slitter! 

The Twin Box Slitter separates the finished product by slitting it down the middle, creating two boxes out of one fed sheet. Once the boxes are separated, they are ready to be bundled. This process allows manufacturers with a mid-sized Flexo Folder Gluer (FFG) to efficiently create a wide range of corrugated box sizes from small to large on one machine with the potential to double productivity at the same time.

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With our extensive experience, we have developed a wide variety of upgrades and Technical Improvement Programs to keep your BW Papersystems equipment prepared for future production demands.

The Technical Improvement Program offers a catalogue of standard upgrades.

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Machine Upgrades
With the acquisition of the ServoPro we have notably reduced the set up time and also increased the productivity of the machine both in quality and quantity.
Luca Lazzaroni, CEO of Icierre Pack, Italy