Web-fed Platen Die Cutter Line - 1400 (55 in)

Product Description

Zerand web-fed platen die cutter lines are the most efficient way to to produce a folding carton. The platen die cutters offers highest productivity and a reduced board usage with nesting layouts and no gripper margins. They also reduce operation steps and operators needed by more than 50%, as well as WIP and floorspace requirement. With web-fed platen die cutting, you can save by buying reels not sheets and eliminate sheeting or pile turning.

Main benefits at a glance:

  • Highest productivity (equal to output of 2.5 sheet fed platen cutters)
  • Reduced board usage by up to 18% (eliminated gripper margin, use nesting layouts)
  • Reduced operations and number of operators by more than 50%
  • Reduced WIP and floorspace requirement
  • Savings by buying reels not sheets and eliminating sheeting or pile turning

Our web-fed platen die cutting lines operate at up to 1000 ft/min. (305 m/min.) with 450 ipm depending on model. These systems perform with unyielding precision. Motorized adjustments make them operator-friendly.

With web-fed die cutting, it's a Roll to Blank to Stack process. This reduces plant storage and logistics, as there are less independent operations and movement of full pallets around the plant.

Web-fed operation means substantially less waste compared to sheet fed because with web-fed there is no need for a 6-10 mm gripper margin on every sheet. In addition, the flexibility for nested layouts is far greater with web-fed over sheet fed, greatly reducing stripping waste.

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Product Features

Zerand web-fed platen die cutter lines are the most efficient way to to produce a folding carton.


Highest productivity (equal to 2.5 sheet fed platen cutters) with max. speed 300 m/min - 25,500 strokes per hour (wide web)

Reduced board usage by up to 18%

Reduced board usage by nesting blanks and by eliminating gripper margins and scrap between cut sheets (single knife cutting)

Auto setup and quick tool change for reduced changeover times

Makeready made easy - the complete line is auto setup with recalling stored job parameters from job memory and offers quick tool change (for Cutter, Stripper & Stacker)

Low tooling cost

Low tooling cost for platen cutter dies, a stripper pin cylinder and anvil roller that do not require additional cassettes and adjustable or custom-made stacker tools

  • Technical Data
  • Product Details
  • Options
SpecificationsWide Web Cutter – 1000 ft/min.
Maximum Web Width:55 in (1400 mm)
Minimum Web Width:27 in (686 mm)
Maximum Cutoff:40 in (1016 mm)
Minimum Cutoff:18 in (457 mm)
Maximum Cutting Load:1,500,000 lbs.
Maximum Cut/Crease Rule:2700 in (65580 mm)
Substrate Thickness:0.010 in – 0.040 in (0,25 -1 mm)
Print To Cut Registration:+/-0.010 in (+/- 0,25 mm), accuracy to key colour, under stable operating conditions
Register Control System:Zerand or other suitable commercial registration system
Maximum Speed1000 ft/min. (305 m/min.)
Maximum Impressions425 ipm

  • Productivity:
    • Max. speed 300 m/min - 25,500 strokes per hour (wide web)
  • Fast makeready & Changeover:
    • Auto Setup of the complete line, as all important locations and variables are stored by job and recalled when a job is repeated
    • Motorized movement of all units
    • Quick Tool Change (for Cutter, Stripper and Stacker)
  • Low Tooling Cost
    • Platen cutter dies
    • Stripper pin cylinder and anvil roller without the need of additional cassettes
    • Adjustable or custom-made stacker tools
  • Low Scrap Rate:
    • “Single Knife Cutting” without scrap between cut sheets
    • “Nested Blanks”
  • Easy to Use: with simple operator interface and full diagnostic system
  • Easy to Interface: works well with other OEM’s
  • ELS technology: Latest Bosch Rexroth Indramat technology for variable speed feed eliminates scuffing on poly coated board and other delicate materials 

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