Zerand Butt Splicer

Product Description

BWP Zerand Butt splicer is part of an engineered system consisting of the Unwind, Butt-Splicer and a Festoon Unit. The Splicer unit is designed to go in line with printing presses, but with optional equipment can be part of a “Pre-Print line. The Splicer has no speed limitations as it is a “stand still” unit.

Being a stand still unit the splice occurs with the web stopped. This allows for a precision cut by tool steel blades, then tape applied top and bottom free of outside influences thus close to a perfect “0” gap splice.

Product Features

Diagonal Splice

most efficient for reducing disturbances in reduction of plate bounce in flexo presses, impression roll squeeze issue in gravure decks as well as cutting issues in rotary and platen die  cutters

Perfect Splice

Maximum Gap 1.5 mm.

No Adjustments

4."In Register” Splice Optional feature

Allows pre-printed stock to be run in a cutting line without  web waste  and the normal time lost doing line stop manual print alignment and splice. 
  • Technical Data
  • Product Details
  • Options
  • Perfect “BUTT” splice: maximum gap 1/16 in. (1.5 mm)

  • Diagonal Splice
  • Auto Splice at pre set roll diameter
  • Tape applied on both sides of web
  • Perfect “BUTT” splice: maximum gap 1/16 in. (1.5 mm)
  • No adjustment needed for web thickness changes

  • Available “In Register” splice
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