BW Papersystems Launches Redesigned Website

Dec 1, 2022

BW Papersystems, a leader in manufacturing industrial paper converting machinery and equipment, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website at The new site features a striking new design, enhanced navigation, and improved functionality to enhance the overall user experience.

BW Papersystems primary goal throughout the redesign process was to create a more user-friendly resource across all devices. In particular, we heavily focused on content architecture that not only highlights our technical data but balances a symbolic relationship between that data and nurturing our relationship with each viewer as they visit our site.

BW Papersystems’ purpose for the new homepage was to establish credibility by providing users with high level view of who BW Papersystems is as a brand and a 360 - degree view of what products and services we offer. We have added prominent product group callouts for easy navigation, sub brand identification for better understanding of our brand identity, and high-level application references to aid in the user’s journey.

The new comprehensive website brings together a sharp new look and ease of use that improves the online experience.

BW Papersystems has implemented a more intuitive and user friendly navigation that allows the user to easily validate that they are in the right place and identify the next steps to achieve their goals as a visitor. The new “Product Finder” allows each user to customize and narrow down their search for faster results.

BW Papersystems is excited to debut its newly optimized desktop and mobile version that allows viewers to connect with sales executives, technical support, and spare parts faster than ever. The new design will allow users to find their correct representative by filtering for product group, brand, and region.

With a vision of creating a better world through business we are confident that this new website will provide an easier and more intuitive way to learn about BW Papersystems people, products, and services.

With the acquisition of the ServoPro we have notably reduced the set up time and also increased the productivity of the machine both in quality and quantity.
Luca Lazzaroni, CEO of Icierre Pack, Italy