Gap Generator

Product Description

The Gap Generator “intended use” is to work in conjunction with the Delivery Unit and the Stacker unit. The Delivery Unit that accumulates and transports carton blanks in shingled rows into the Gap Generator Unit, which intern creates “a Gap” in the singled stream to allow the Stacker to discharge carton stacks.        

The Gap Generator Delivery unit which includes a brake bar, (which is traditionally located in the Stacker) takes the place of a conventional Delivery Table. Thus, the Stacker used in conjunction with the Gap Generator Delivery unit does not have a brake bar in it.

The Gap Generator Delivery unit consists of two conveyor tables with a brake bar mounted between them. The brake bar, as well as the end of conveyor table one and the beginning of conveyor table two, is mounted in a traversing carriage.

The Gap Generator Delivery unit shown has various AC servo motors for conveyor and brake bar operation.  Their operation is automatic.

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Product Features

No "bunching" or "piling"

Interrupts the carton streams, without causing “bunching up” or “piling” of the carton blanks as with a stationary brake bar assembly.

Telescoping features

Telescoping features like the Delivery Table allows the unit to be stationary for possible robotic carton removable.

Reduce Labor

Auto Set-Up reducing time labor

Better stack outcome

Consistent streams presented into the Stacker Unit 
  • Technical Data
  • Product Details
  • Options
  • Speed up to 1500FPM

  • Traveling break bar eliminates shingle accumulation behind the bar and delivers consistent streams to the stacker.
  • Shingling table with adjustable rider wheels and finely adjustable speed: precisely controls the shingle formation.
  • Adjustable shingling table incline, to have optimal angle of attack of incoming cartons.
  • Motorized push button movement of the unit
  • Auto Setup for fast job change over
  • Servo Driven

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