TTL-165 RFID Converting Machine

Product Description

The TTL-165 is a superior solution when it comes to flexibility, speed and multilayer converting for the RFID industry. With its modularity it allows for nearly unlimited process alternatives. TTL-165 is another strong performer from our T-165 machine family, offering the possibility of upgrading to larger configurations, efficiency, speed and lowest cost of ownership. This Converting Mashine offers up to 15 process fields for highly flexible process configurations.  In addition, users can benefit from short web runs of this compact machine.

Like all modular BW Bielomatik RFID machines, the TTL-165 is user friendly, as it is easy to install, operate and maintain.

  • Large machine frame for highly flexible process configurations – upgradeable
  • Short web paths
  • Production: reel-to-reel labels and tags, to single ticket, folded products, delam- delam
  • Processing of self-adhesive materials and/or hotmelt application
  • PUR hotmelt option available for contactless Smartcards, NFC gaming cards
  • High speed register placement of dry or wet inlays
  • Numerous converting options
  • Easy implementation of new processes and customization, with short time to market
  • Excellent accessibility, user friendly and shortest Setup changes in the industry
  • Modern servo-drive and controls technology
Product Features

Modular high-performance RFID Converting Machine - transponder tickets and labels.

Additional Configurations

Additional process fields available compared to SpeedLiner to ensure supplementary flexibility.

High Speed

High speed register placement of dry or wet inlays.

Reel-to-Reel and Reel-to-Single

Production of smart labels and tags on reels, single tickets and folded products.


Excellent accessibility, ergonomic design, shortest possible setup change times
  • Technical Data
  • Product Details
  • Options
Processing width - standard 6.5 in.165 mm
Processing width - under certain conditions 7.7 in.196 mm
Speed - under certain conditionsmax.295 fpm90 mpm
Speed - inlay cutting knive speedmax.1560 cuts/min 
Reel diameter - air shafts, quick changemax.23.6 in.600 mm
Amount of functional modules 9-15, upgradeable to 18 

TTL-165 Process

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