2000NT Curioni Flexo Folder Gluer

Product Description

  • Drive for Flexo Folder Gluer
  • Extend-o-feed lead-edge feeder
  • 4 bottom printing flexo unit
  • Powered slotting unit
  • Rotary die cutting unit
  • Folder-gluer with top loading counter-ejector
  • Accurate folding with the K-belts
  • Glue extrusion unit
  • Rotary brush
  • Misalignment detector
  • Computer operated automation Master II
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Used 2000NT Curioni Flexo Folder Gluer

Drive for Flexo Folder Gluer, extend-o-feed lead-edge feeder, 4 bottom printing flexo unit, powered slotting unit, rotary die cutting unit, folder-gluer with top loading counter-ejector, accurate folding with the K-belts, glue extrusion unit, rotary brush, misalignment detector, computer operated automation Master II. Don’t miss this opportunity. Contact us today to learn more about this available machine located in EMEA.

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