Used Valmet Apollo TSK Twin Knife Sheeter

Product Description

  • New DFE Steadyweb, 5 Automatic tension control system installed in 2017, 4 Decurl station 
  • Overhead web path with catwalk
  • Tidland Slitting system for 3 piles 
  • Twin knife cut off capable of min. 15.75" to max. 81"
  • Auto reject gate
  • Overlap and layboy station
  • Full pilier with auto tabber system
  • Continuous fingers system for pilier
  • Unico drive system with Siemans PLC
  • Includes Bloapco Chopper blower. Manufactured in 2005

  • 1.45M Apollo TSK twin knife sheeter
  • Two (2) two position shaftless floor pick up unwind stands capable of handling 72" OD roll capacity
  • 6" Double E chucks. Pneumatic brakes 
  • Trolley in floor for easy loading of rolls


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