Questec RQS-V 850 / 1650 Rotary Sheeter

Product Description

The RQS-V rotary sheet cutter from BW Papersystems, designed with innovative Questec technology, provides powerful solutions for the most difficult lightweight paper grades or plastic films. It efficiently handles cut-to-register or cut-to-watermark products, small batches, and quick order changes. Products like patient information leaflets, package inserts, wet glue labels, in-mould labels and scratch sensitive plastic films all flow through the machine with ease 

Learn more about our rotary sheeter and its unique sheet transport system below.

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A sheeter that we had planned especially for our lightweight specialty papers has become an all-round smart sheeter that can process even heavy grammages up to 300 gsm with maximum cutting accuracy. - Dr. Matthias Rauhut, CEO, DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE, Lachendorf, Germany
Product Features

The Questec RQS-V is a size flexible, high-speed sheeter with innovative sheet transport by air. It efficiently handles lightweight paper grades for patient information leaflets, package inserts, wet glue labels, in-mould labels or scratch sensitive plastic films. A production speed of 400 m/min and extremely short start-up ramps make the RQS-V ideal for small batches and frequent order changes.

Precise Cut & Stack Quality

A clean, accurate cut with a cutting tolerance of ± 0,15 mm/1000 mm and a perfect stacking pattern due to gentle, safe pulling of the sheets onto the stack. 

Various Sizes & Quick Change-Overs:

This sheeter offers sheet lengths ranging from 280 to 1800 mm and widths from 250 to 1650 mm. Quick change-over times for size and material allow an efficient handling of smallest batches.  

Compact, Ergonomic Design:

The RQS-V only needs little space, requires no platform and is easily accessible from all sides

Easy operation

With its job memory, few setting points and extreme short start-up time, the RQS-V needs little attention. One operator can run two RQS-V sheeters in parallel. 

  • Technical Data
  • Product Details
  • Options
 RQS-V 85RQS-V 145RQS-V 165
Max. Web Width850 mm (33.46 in)1450 mm (57 in)1650 mm (65 in)
Min. Web Width400 mm (15.74 in)400 mm (15.74 in) 400 mm (15.74 in) 
Sheet Lengthmin. 400 mm / 15.74 in (optional: 280 mm /11 in)
max. 1060 mm / 42 in or 1500 mm / 59 in  (optional: 1800 mm / 71 in)
Paper / Board Grammagemin. 40 gsm
max. 190 gsm (optional: 300 gsm)
Film Thicknessmin. 50 μm
max. 190 μm (optional: 300 μm)
Max. Production Speed400 m/min. / 1300 ft/min.*
Cut Accuracy+ / - 0,15 mm (0.006 in )
Pallet Height1500 mm
Number of Webs1
Number of Pockets1 - 4
SubstratePaper, Board, Film, Wet Glue Labels, Specialties Papers
Options AvailableUnwind, Inline embossing, Web cleaner, Web inspection, Slitting, Cut-to-Register,
Tab inserter, Sample taking device, Remote diagnostics

* dependent upon material characteristics & speed curve

Highlights of the Questec RQS-V

  • Speed: at 400 m/min. (1300 ft/min.), sheets are reliably cut and placed on the stack
  • Sheet transport by air: contactless «Air-Stream» transport without belts or rollers eliminates markings, turned-up corners (dog ears) or slipped sheets
  • Precision: proven cross cutting technology with a dynamic drive allows for a clean, accurate cut with a cutting tolerance of ± 0,15 mm/1000 mm
  • Quality: perfect stacking pattern due to gentle, safe pulling of the sheets onto the stack
  • Compact & ergonomic: No platform and very small footprint of the main machine of less than 3 m (10 ft), thus well laid out and easy and safe to operate
  • Reliable handling: thanks to „«Air-Stream» the material is always safely transported, independent of web curvature, statics or surface condition
  • Fast set-up times: extremely short start-up ramps thanks to fewer setting points plus job memory
  • Virtually maintenance-free: a sheet transport without belts or rollers eliminates wear


  • Precision sheeting for manufacturers and converters of lightweight papers or plastic films, including materials with sensitive surfaces, e.g. in-mould labels, wet glue labels, pharmaceutical information leaflets or scratch-sensitive plastic films
  • Inline integration with Offset, Gravure, Flexographic or Digital web-fed presses for commercial or specialty printers like product insert printers (PIL), even including embossing

  • Remote diagnostics
  • Unwind
  • Inline embossing
  • Web cleaner
  • Web inspection
  • Slitting
  • Cut-to-register
  • Tab inserter
  • Sample taking device

Questec RQS-V: sheeting 40 gsm lightweight paper at 300 to 400 mpm

With speeds of 400 m/min., the Questec RQS-V is the world’s fastest variable rotary sheeter. It cuts lightweight paper, plastic film, beer labels and more at stepless variable cut-off lengths. This video demonstrates sheeting of 40 gsm lightweight paper, size 725 x 610 mm and, in 2 pocket operation, size 675 x 1110 mm - running at 300 up to 400 m/min. The sheeter can transport and cut single-layer thin printing papers starting from 30 gsm. For statically charged plastic film, transportation can start from 80 µm at a cut-off length of 400 mm - 1060 mm. This high-performance sheeter offers maximum flexibility, competitive technology, and high speeds.

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