Robofeed Automatic Ream Counting & Feeding for Folio Ream Wrappers

ROBOFEED Adds More Performance and Efficiency to Folio Ream Wrappers with an Automatic Ream Infeed

Aug 9, 2023

BW Papersystems has a new product offering in its Aftermarket portfolio. The patented ROBOFEED system is an automatic ream counting and feeding system for ream wrappers of any brand. It replaces the manual ream infeed of a folio wrapper with a robotic solution. ROBOFEED is fully automated and as the manual infeed is eliminated, it significantly increases the efficiency of the wrapper while providing constant, predictable operation. The good thing: the manual ream feeding option remains, for even more flexibility.

The ROBOFEED works with three robotic arms. Two arms are equipped with grippers, replacing the human arms when pushing the ream into the wrapper. The third robotic arm takes care of counting the sheets. Two types of counting systems are available: either a disc system, ensuring a highly precise count with virtually zero tolerance, or a simple caliber system, measuring the height of the ream. With the help of sensors, the ROBOFEED unit monitors the ream and the pallet positions continuously to ensure that the robot arms are positioned exactly to the ream to safeguard the proper feeding position for precise wrapping. Size changes at the ROBOFEED are done automatically and extremely fast.

As the ROBOFEED is an independent system, with its own controls and its own safety system, it does not need to be integrated into the existing wrapper control system and therefore is suitable for all kinds of wrappers of any brand. With various safety functions, the ROBOFEED ensures safe operation in both fully automatic and conventional manual hand feeding mode.

The market response to the ROBOFEED has been extremely good. The first unit was just shipped to Asia at the end of July, with installation scheduled for September. This first unit will be installed at the infeed of a folio ream wrapper at a large packaging paper manufacturer in Southeast Asia, handling large duplex board sheets and other materials. Another ROBOFEED unit is currently being built, scheduled for installation in early 2024.

BW Papersystems offers this patented automation solution as optional feature for new wrappers or, as an upgrade, for folio wrappers of any kind. To learn more on ROBOFEED, please visit the ROBOFEED product page, contact us here or by email.

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