MiniPro 6.18 Flexo Folder Gluer for Wasatch Container

Wasatch Container Expands, Diversifies Inside And Out

Aug 31, 2020
Original Article was Reprinted from from the August 17th issue of Board Converting News

Salt Lake City based, Wasatch Container, continues to grow and diversify their product offering with an expansion of their existing plant, the acquisition of a stock box company and purchasing a BW Papersystems MiniPro.

“In today’s climate, diversification is so important for companies. This started as ‘Jerry’s dream of the future’ and has evolved into something that we feel is sustainable and different than what others in the industry are doing,” says Jerry Frisch, owner of Wasatch Container.

With goals of expansion and diversifying their product offering, the team at Wasatch Container took their time in researching box making machines. With e-commerce and a niche customer base in mind, they ultimately decided to purchased a new BW Papersystems MiniPro single pass flexo folder gluer, with die cut section. “This MiniPro is the first of its kind on the West coast and has really opened doors for us here. It’s a rocket ship,” says Frisch.

“We wanted a machine that would make small, trendy boxes to better serve the e-commerce market,” says Frisch. “The machine’s ability to print three colors outside and one color inside is what peaked our interest initially, but the ergonomics, safety, speed and BW’s ability to install on a tight timeline is ultimately what led us to choose this particular machine,” explains Ryan Jones, Plant Manager at Wasatch.

“Inside the box printing is that extra value add that can separate you from your competition.” says Paul Stack, Regional Sales Manager for BW Papersystems. “Inside the box printing is already here and if you’re not talking to your customers about it, you can bet that your competitors are.”

BW Papersystems has also equipped this machine with the patented Corrusleeve technology, allowing for quick changes as fast as 60 seconds or less, and avoiding the need to open and close the printing line to change the printing plate, in total safety for operators.

“My goal is to make a box that people enjoy opening, a sexy box!” says Frisch, speaking of the ever-popular e-commerce packaging strategy to enhance the “unboxing experience.” This term describes the unique strategy of using specially designed packaging to elicit feelings of anticipation and excitement when opening and receiving a package, and leaving a lasting impression on the recipient. The “unboxing” trend is popular online, being shared, posted and retweeted all over social media. According to BW Papersystems, “Nearly 4 in 10 consumers would post a picture to social media of an online order, if it arrived in unique, branded packaging.”

“Consumers have come to expect a trendy and expensive looking boxx,” says Stack. “Inside printing can be used for so many purposes, even something as simple as return instructions, recipes, a thank you or artwork.”

Frisch explained that much of his new business comes from customers wanting to use their packaging as a tool to strengthen brand awareness. “The Covid pandemic has really changed ecommerce forever going forward. It makes the box that much more important in ecommerce, as its one of the few key touch points in the value stream to convey a message or impress the consumer,” says Stack.

“We are able to provide our customers with a unique and memorable packaging experience for any of their target markets, with From left, Mark McGinnis of Inspire Automation; Jerry Frisch, President of Wasatch Container; Seamues Ramos, Operations Manager at Wasatch Container and Ryan Jones, Plant Manager at Wasatch Container. POP displays, e-commerce packaging and retail ready displays. We do all of that now,” says Ryan Jones, plant manager of Wasatch Container.

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With the acquisition of the ServoPro we have notably reduced the set up time and also increased the productivity of the machine both in quality and quantity.
Luca Lazzaroni, CEO of Icierre Pack, Italy