Corrugator Splicer World Champion Belt Buckle

Great Accomplishment at Independence Corrugated, Oak Creek, WI

Feb 19, 2014

Tony Jimenez, a splicer operator at Independence Corrugated, Oak Creek, WI, is the current record holder in the MarquipWardUnited Century Belt Buckle Club for the most consecutive, successful splices on a MarquipWardUnited Splicer.  Tony stands at 3553 splices.  His co-workers and MarquipWardUnited representatives in an upcoming ceremony at Independence Corrugated will recognize Tony.

The Century Belt Buckle Club is a very popular MarquipWardUnited program that was re-established in the spring of 2013.   

As an incentive to your operators, MarquipWardUnited would like to reward them for their successful splices on the MarquipWardUnited Splicer.

Every corrugator operator who successfully completes 100 consecutive splices will receive, in recognition, a Century Club Belt Buckle.

To join the Club, you must schedule an appraisal of your MarquipWardUnited splicer with Field Training Specialist, John Podmolik.  While at your facility, John will work with your operators to perform the best techniques for operating the splicer.

Contact us today to schedule an appraisal of your splicer and get your operators started on their way to the Gold.

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