MetalizedBeer labels cut-to-register at 400 mpm during sheeting trials

Beer Labels Cut-To-Register at 400 mpm During Sheeting Trials

Mar 17, 2021

Original Article was Reprinted from the Converting Quarterly website.

BW Papersystems recently offered a series of sheeting trials, where companies were invited to bring their “problem products” to be cut-to-size on the new Questec Sheeting System. A leading European beer-label manufacturer, who sent in a roll of one of its most difficult products, was surprised with the result.

Traditionally, beer labels are printed roll-to-roll in rotogravure on 55- to 60-gsm metallized paper. They are then cut-to-register with the sheets being trimmed to the final size afterward. Sheeting a single web of lightweight metallized paper is not easy and most converters operate in a speed range of 140-170 mpm.

 During the trials, the same product was run on the Questec Sheeter with very little set up time at 400 mpm, with excellent stacking and register accuracy.

The customer was amazed and could immediately see that a Questec sheeter was more than twice as productive as two of his existing sheeters. With its “Air Stream” transport system, the Questec technology effectively “pulls” each sheet through the sheeter, ensuring full control of the sheet at all time until it is placed on the stack. No mechanical contact, no markings - precisely cut and stacked sheets.

During the same test series, materials as light as 28 gsm were run at speed exceeding 300 mpm.

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With the acquisition of the ServoPro we have notably reduced the set up time and also increased the productivity of the machine both in quality and quantity.
Luca Lazzaroni, CEO of Icierre Pack, Italy