Used 2012 Bielomatik Cut Size Sheeter and Wrapper

Product Description

  • Bielomatik Cut Size Sheeter and Wrapper
  • 2 fixed position unwind Stands. 74-85mm (3 inch) chucks. Roll Diameter: 1525mm max. 120mm min. 2500kg max roll weight
  • Cross Cutter with Edge Trimming/Slitting, Discharge Reject and Collecting Section. A4 (297-305mm) Blade Block: Blade Load 500gsm max. 50gsm min. Max Speed: 300m/min (50-65gsm) 500m/min (over 65gsm).
  • Long Grain: A4 (8 1/2 x 11inch) Two Out. Short Grain A3 (11 x 17inch) One Out.
  • Ream Height: 70mm max. 1mm min.
  • 60 reams/min, 2 out. 30 reams/min, 1 out.
  • Web Edge Control
  • Splicer Detector
  • Turning Bar
  • CSW 75 29: Kraft or Coated Poly wrapping Paper, 650/850 mm diameter Roll max. Ream Size 320 x 460mm max. 182 x 257mm min. 30 reams/min A4, 15 reams/min A3.
  • Prints and Manuals provided
  • Warranty not included

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