BW Papersystems Value Corrugator at Jinhuan

Dongguan Huangshi Jinhui invests in a Value Corrugator

Jan 16, 2024

On 8th August, Dongguan  Huangshi Jinhui commissioned a new 2.8m Value 350 corrugator from BW Papersystems. The line started up at 8:08am and was running at 352m per min as its initial operation, featuring a successful startup with high speed, high capacity and low waste, something BWP is proud of with its Value line of machines. 

Long Relationship 

The cooperation between Dongguan Huangshi Jinhui and BW Papersystems started in 2007, when Huangshi Jinhui invested in its first corrugator. From the first complete corrugator to the replacement of existing singlefacer and glue unit in its Guangzhou factory, Huangshi Jinhui has chosen BW Papersystems again and again; this latest project was no exception. 

When the new Value corrugator was initially introduced to Huangshi Jinhui, it was the beginning of 
the post-pandemic period, when many unknown opportunities and challenges were quietly emerging. BW Papersystems Asia completed a series of improvements, including upgrades of the workshop visual management and quality management. standardisation of field service management. as well as comprehensive optimisation of mechanical design, upgrade of full line Siemens control and assembly process. With its long term solid cooperation with BW Papersystems, and after learning about the changes and upgrades that BWP Asia had made, Huangshi Jinhui was more confident in choosing the new Value 350 corrugator. 
Shengxiong Huang, President, Dongguan Huangshi Jinhui, says, "The company was established in 1989. The first 
corrugator we invested in was K&H, a brand later acquired by BW Papersystems. 

It was the first 2.Sm corrugator installation of K&H in Guangdong province. After a long time of cooperation, the two companies worked together well. Later. our Guangzhou company encountered some problems with the equipment in their factory, so we decided to choose MarquipWardUnited and had two of our singlefacer machines and a glue machine replaced. 

Again, the cooperation was good. We have since then visited many of BW Papersystems installations. This time, the main reason that we chose BW Papersystems is our confidence in their new team and our satisfaction in equipment quality." 
Huang continues, "We are satisfied with the overall service. From contract signing to machine installation, BW Papersystems did really well for us, especially during the installation - they sent an elite team to work with us, and their standardised operation through the installation process was conducted well, which also satisfied us. In terms of machine technology, BW Papersystems meticulously implements every detail of this line. Especially in aspects of inspection, it meets the requirements of our original contract." 

Some Technical Details

For the Value 350 line, BW Papersystems has implemented some significant enhancements, including:
  • Larger diameter of Singlefacer pressure roll and liner preheater drum. Additional paper guide roll and curved hot plate with steam spray. Paper will be evenly heated but not overheated. This improves the board quality with superior bonding quality.
  • Glue Machine adopted optimised mechanical structure and processing technology. Gap accuracy can reach 0.05mm. Starch splash is eliminated.
  • The bridge elevation device adopted new mechanisms, which help increase the speed and makes it possible for all flute types to run at 350m per minute.
  • The US patented Vacuum Traction Section as the cooling section of Doublefacer provides fast cooling, compact space, and improved physical properties.
  • Multi-Function Shear, a new patented model, with order change speed at 400m per min and real-time correction of calculation data, increases the speed. Simple structure provides easy maintenance. Lower cost of ownership.
  • Individually servo controlled slitter and score heads provide fast setup within one second.
  • Knife can run at the maximum speed of 400m per minute. Dual drive achieves 500mm cut length at 180m per minute. With the laser measuring.
We can see throughout the installation that the new design  and some of the concepts from Jinhui have been integrated into this new corrugator, and we are happywith the final look.”
Huang concludes, “The startup production is good. We have achieved our expected goal, which is to achieve the highest average speed of the entire line and from here, we can develop it further.  We are excited to continue the work with BW Papersystems, building towards a better future  for our company.”

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With the acquisition of the ServoPro we have notably reduced the set up time and also increased the productivity of the machine both in quality and quantity.
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