Used 2001 Valmet 1450 TSK Sheeter

Product Description

  • Valmet 1450 TSK Complete Sheeter
  • V01S013 Dual Rotary Knife
  • 1500mm (59 inch) Pile Height
  • Overlap Tail Blowdown
  • 3 Station Slitting Unit Tidland Class 3
  • Trim Removal
  • 4 web capability
  • Reject Gate
  • Zero Speed Pallet Change system with Flat Plate Piler lift table
  • 4 Decurlers - Motorized Edge/Roll type
  • 4 Web Tension Controls for Hoist loaded Unwind
  • DPSU Shafted Unwind 2 Position (qty 2)
  • Fixed Gantry for roll loading included
  • Prints and Manuals Provided
  • Warranty Not Included

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