TIP F 4055 Upgrade of Binary Control and Automation to Siemens PLC-S7 TIA

TIP F 4055 Upgrade of Binary Control & Automation to Siemens PLC-S7 TIA

Machine Model for Improvement

All Jagenberg sheeters with PLC-S5

Description of Improvement

Critical components for the Siemens S5 machine control are obsolete and spare parts are no longer available. If any of these components should fail or break, extensive sheeter downtime and costly production loss would result. This upgrade converts the Siemens S5 machine control and automation to a Siemens PLC-S7 TIA machine control and automation. All components, such as the CPU and I/O cards and necessary peripherals (e.g. new HMI panels) are replaced.

The function of the unwind stands and slitter (incl. positioning in available) will be included in the new control incl. new I/O modules, counters and sensor technology. In order to reduce installation time, adapters will be used for the I/O modules instead of new wiring (where possible). The required interface to the existing drives will be realized, as well as the function and interface of the tape tracks.

The sensor technology and actuators are not included in this upgrade and can be used further. The drives, motors and switch cabinets will not be replaced. All new parts will be installed in the existing switch cabinets.

The Automation will be implemented with the following functions:
  • degressive web tension control with master roll
  • automatic detection of numbers of layers for the counting
  • recording and display of machine speed
  • input of size length and transfer to the drive
  • detection and display of the size length
  • sheet counting according to sheets and reams
  • fast jam protection (sheet / gap monitoring)
  • output of the signals for the inserting units
  • pile change after achieving desired sheet count, desired ream
  • gate control with fault transportation of two sorting lines
  • fault messages (of the new automation) on the operating terminal
  • connection to the existing control


  • Modern machine control replacing obsolete S5 components - ensures spare parts’ availability
  • Prerequisite for further upgrades
  • Investment typically pays for itself within days - compared to unplanned downtime

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Service Technician
A sheeter that we had planned especially for our lightweight specialty papers has become an all-round smart sheeter that can process even heavy grammages up to 300 gsm with maximum cutting accuracy.
Dr. Matthias Rauhut, CEO, DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE, Lachendorf, Germany