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Upgrades &TIPs

Paper Machinery Upgrades & TIPs

Machines and technology are constantly evolving and changing. 

With our extensive experience, we have developed a wide variety of upgrades and TIPs to keep your BW Papersystems equipment prepared for future production demands.
TIP is our technichal improvement program where we offer a catalogue of standard upgrades for attractive conditions.

Contact us today to learn how you can

- Increase safety
- Reduce waste
- Increase productivity
- Increase quality
- Eliminate obsolescence
- Reduce energy consumption

Machines and technology are constantly changing and evolving, and BW Papersystems continues to add products to our offerings. BWP offers upgrades and the Technical Improvement Program for these historical brands: bielomatik, Curioni, E.C.H. Will, Jagenberg (folio sheeters), Klett, Kugler-Womako, Marquip, Pemco, SHM, United, VortX, Ward, Wrapmatic and Koppers machines.

Our upgrades are installed by experiences field service engineers. They provide any necessary training and oversee start-up.

News & professional articles
  • The Single Blade Metering System is a cost-effective alternative for your Finishing Equipment

    The capabilities and complexity of a dual chambered blade system are often not necessary for the product mix you run on your machines. ​Our Single Blade Metering System is a cost-effective alternative to dual chambered blade systems.
  • Decrease Corrugator downtime by using our Singlefacer Rolls Cart and Module Exchange Program

    Save time and money by using ​our Singlefacer Rolls Cart and Module Exchange program to switch the modules in and out more quickly.
  • Do you want to increase your double wall or triple wall production on your corrugator?

    With many different upgrades including Infusion Plus, drum and curved hot plates, there are many options to help meet your production and costs savings goals!
  • Do you want to extend the life of your Corrugator Cutoff Knife?

    Your Cutoff Knife is essential to the quality of your corrugator's production. Board and stack quality are dependent on it functioning at the highest level! Did you know that you can improve performance and extend the lifetime of your existing Cutoff Knife by investing in one of our many upgrades?
  • Eliminate Obsolescence on your Corrugator with PLC-5 Upgrade

    Keep your business moving forward! This upgrade replaces the obsolete Allen Bradley PLC-5 system.
  • Save time and money with the SHARK Anvil Trimmer for your Finishing Equipment

    A common issue facing Finishing machinery is uneven wear on the Anvil urethane blanket. This can lead to costly production problems such as inconsistent sheet size and shortened blanket life. Frequent maintenance, repair, and even replacement of the Anvil blanket can result in extended machine downtime, potentially affecting an entire plant's operations. To combat this issue, we are proud to unveil our latest innovation, the SHARK Anvil Blanket Trimmer System!


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