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Used Paper Sheeter Machines & Ream Wrappers

BW Papersystems is a premier manufacturer for the sheeting and packaging industries and a broker for pre-owned, used, and refurbished machines that provide an economical choice for our customers. Some of these machines include folio sheeters, ream wrappers, cut-size sheeters, and ream wrappers. In addition, BW Papersystems is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Apollo, Beilomatik, ECH Will, Marquip, Pemco, SHM and Valmet brands. Contact BW Papersystems learn more about our selection of machines.

Features of the BW Papersystems Equipment for Sheeting & Packaging

As the OEM of a variety of brands, BW Papersystems machines can be upgraded with new technology to accommodate a flourishing business and balance investments with a growing market share. Learn more about our used paper sheeter machines, ream wrappers, and other machines below.


BW Papersystems prides itself on building a legacy of durable and robust equipment. We continuously strive to support our sheeting and packaging equipment with parts and service for the life of the machine. We engineer and find new solutions for obsolete parts to allow machines to stay in operation for as long as possible.

Economical Choice

Whether a machine solution is needed to expand production or to break into a new market, BW Papersystems used and refurbished machines can offer a more economical choice to grow the business while adding value to your production line.  In addition to the lower cost, preowned machines can be delivered quicker.

Varied Size Ranges

BW Papersystems new machines as well as used paper sheeter machines and ream wrappers offer the widest range of equipment options.  From small folio sized machines to large cut-size, we provide an assortment of used equipment to meet the unique requirements of our customers. 

    • Valmet CTS 1450mm wide sheeter

    Used 2001 CTS 1450mm wide sheeter

    With 4 x unwinds, 7 pairs of slitting toolings, 5 x Tab Inserter Units , PLUS hoist / crane

    • Sold-OK

    Used Bielomatik FSW 500/56B Folio Size Wrapper

    Beilomatik Paper Processing products joined BW Papersystems in 2016 and we have the knowledge experts for Beilomatik wrappers. This used ream wrapper has a minimum width of 297 mm and maximum width of 1000 mm for final product.

    • Sheetrunner-sold

    Used MWU 1500 (59") SheetRunner Sheeter

    This MarquipWardUnited SheetRunner Sheeter was manufactured in 1996 and is a right-hand operator machine. It has a dual rotary direct-drive knife with a 50L motor. This machine is sold as-is, and where-is. 

    • SheetLeader-Sheeter

    Used 2005 MWU 1500 (59") SheetLeader Precision Sheeter

    Originally manufactured in 2005, The MarquipWardUnited manufactured SheetLeader is 1500 mm or 59 inches wide and has dual rotary direct-drive knife as well as a horizontal web aligner. It features a shingling section with top belts, vacuum-modulated overlap, and a reject gate.

    • 2020-12-09_12-27-13-wm

    Used Marquip SheetRunner Precision Sheeter


    • 2020-11-24_15-58-28-valmet-WM

    Used Valmet 1450 CTS Sheeter

    The Valmet Sheeter is from 2002 and is a model 1450 CTS and is 57” wide (1450 mm). This single knife sheeter includes four-shaft unwind stands and a pneumatic loading slitting unit. It is sold as-is with wire and wireways. 

    • Pemcon66L-wm

    Used 2002 Pemco Model 66L Ream Wrapper

    The sizes of reams the Pemco Cut-Size Ream Wrapper can produce range from the length of 254 mm (10”-18”), the width of 203 – 305 mm (8” – 12”), and the height of 19 – 127 mm ( 0.75” – 5”).

    • Pemco-34R-wm

    Used 1988 Pemco Ream Wrapper

    Designed to wrap 8.5”x11” and 11x17” paper reams, this 1988 Pemco Ream Wrapper is a right-handed machine and has 3-phase supply voltage. It comes in a variety of sizes and has the option of an additional paper spindle.

    • Bielo-CSW-wm

    Used 2012 Bielomatik Cut Size Sheeter and Wrapper

    This line of Bielomatik Sheeters and Ream Wrappers offers a cross cutter with edge trimming and slitting. The ream wrapper is rated at 60 reams/min with 2 out, and 30 reams/min with 1 out. 

    • SheetrunnerSheeterWeb

    Used 2005 MWU SheetRunner Sheeter

    This 2005 MarquipWardUnited SheetRunner Sheeter is 2200 mm (87”) wide and features a bow-tie splicer, power positioned decurlers, and an accumulation conveyor for continuous stack and skid delivery. It also has the Marquip designed dual rotary direct drive 100L cross cutter.

    • TSK WaterMark for Cover Photo

    Used 2001 Valmet 1450 TSK Sheeter

    This Valmet TSK Sheeter has 4-web capability and a dual rotary knife. It was built in 2001 and can have a pile height of 1500 mm (59”). The overlap tail blowdown section and 3-station slitting unit is Tidland Class 3.

    • pasaban-with-WM

    Used 1998 Pasaban Sheeter

    While Pasaban Sheeter is not one of BW Papersystems brands, we are offering this used paper sheeter machine for sale. It’s 1600mm (63”) and has a rotary knife with a maximum mechanical speed of 300 mpm (1000 fpm).

    • SSRollstand with WM

    MarquipWardUnited Marq 2 Rollstands

    The MarquipWardUnited Marq 2 roll stands can hold a maximum paper width of 2500 mm (98”) and roll diameter of 2135 mm (84”).  It is single-sided and has powered arms for mounting.

    • 2014 lexus sheeter

    Used 2014 Lexus Sheeter

    This model HSM 56 Lexus Sheeter is a flat bed die cutter that has a maximum speed of 300 mpm (1100 fpm).  It offers one fixed position roll stand and a flat plate life table.

    • 1985 shm 1400hs sheeter

    Used 1985 SHM 1400HS Sheeter

    The SHM brand was a part of Pemco, and now is a part of BW Papersystems. This 1400HS model (55” wide) was built in 1985 and offers a hi-lo reel stand, slitter, knife and stacker.

    • SHM Sheeter

    Used SHM 1400 Sheeter

    This SHM 1400 Sheeter has 5 shaft-type unwind stands,  one with SU hydraulics. It can cut 1400 mm (55”) maximum sheet width and 1575 mm (60”) maximum length. In addition, it includes a Kelva web cleaner and dust collection systems for easy maintenance.

    • 2005 SHM 1450SR-HS Sheeter

    Used 2005 1450SR-HS Sheeter

    This used single-knife sheeter is a 1450 mm (57”) wide machine with shaftless unwind stands, Tidland slitting unites, a motorized decurler, and a dancer tensioning system. It also includes a knife outfeed tape belt section, overlap vacuum, shingling section, and more.

    • GRM WM

    Used 2011 GRM Folio-Size Ream Wrapper

    This ream wrapper is historically part of PEMCO but is now part of BW Papersystems. It can operate up to 17 reams/min, and has depalletizer, unwind station, ream wrapping section, buffer belt conveyor, and palletizer system.

    • Sold Sheeter

    Used 2001 Valmet TSK-DD Sheeter

    The TSK -DD Sheeter provides direct delivery from knife to piler bay. It features cut to register, a decurler unit, and tension control.  Additionally, it includes a V00117 Twin Servo Knife and an offset pivoting guide for single web

    • Used Valmet 2003 TSK Sheeter

    Used 2003 As-Is Valmet TSK Sheeter

    The Valmet TSK Sheeter is a dual rotary knife, with one web tension control,  a 1500 mm (59”) pile height, and overlap tail blowdown. It is sold as-is.

    • Pemco 141-ream cartonizer

    Used 1989 Pemco Ream Cartonizer

    This is a left-hand ream cartonizer with a design speed of 6 reams pers minute and works with a Lenox folio sheeter. However, it can be adopted to work with other sheeter specifications.

    • Pemco Model 37 L

    Used 1990 Model 37 Ream Wrapper

    This 1990 model 37 Ream Wrapper was designed to work with the ECH Will Sheeter. It is a left-handed machine with size change parts for A4 only. Its features include low wrapper roll detection and a new Nordson Glue System.

    • Web-In-Slitter-WMweb

    Used 2006 MWU Automatic Web-In Slitter

    This MWU Automatic Web-In Slitter has a maximum paper width of 2200 mm (87”) with one slitting section and 4 slit heads. This is a stand-alone machine but requires a support platform. 



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