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Used Corrugated Equipment

BW Papersystems is the industry choice for paper processing solutions. Our finishing and corrugator machinery provide the best functionality for your applications.

We also offer a variety of used machines, with some inventory for fast and efficient turnaround. There are several options when purchasing used equipment from BW Papersystems.

Used equipment can be purchased as-is, without modifications from our team. Machines can also be refurbished by our factory-trained personnel with OEM parts to upgrade the machine to current technology. Remanufactured machines are provided with warranties to certify the equipment performance.

Learn more about the used corrugating equipment we have for sale and contact the BW Papersystems team to discuss your needs in detail.

Benefits of Buying Used Finishing Equipment from BW Papersystems

Used finishing equipment from BW Papersystems is every bit as powerful as a brand-new model. Our high performance pre-owned machines offer more affordable solutions for your corrugating needs.

Our experienced staff inspects, services, and if necessary, renovates each used machine before delivery. All machines are brought up to industry standards, so you can rely on your "new" machine from the first day.

We also require customer visits for several of the used models to ensure your satisfaction. Machines come with the original prints and manuals for proper operation.

Used Corrugated Equipment for Sale

BW Papersystems is a premier manufacturer for the Corrugating and Finishing industries, and a broker for used and refurbished machines. As a manufacturer, we have the best knowledge in the world of installed machines for sale.

From glue machines, rotary shears, splicers, and more, BW Papersystems has a variety of economical used equipment. Machines complement your existing finishing line, handling large paper widths and high speeds.

    • * NOTE : These photos represent the machine after rebuild and are used for illustration purposes only

    Pre-Owned Ward 66” x 113” Print Section

    Pre-Owned Rebuild and Certified Machine Specifications originally manufactured 1987. 39” board line and new 54” track extension included. Customer visit and inspection required.

    • Corrugated Eagle Double Glue Machine

    GLUE MACHINE: Used Eagle Double Glue Machine


    Our as-is MarquipWardUnited Eagle Double Glue unit reaches speeds of 300 MPM (1,000 FPM). Manufactured in 2004, it features a double level and is right hand drive paper going.

    • Preowned 200 mpm (650fpm)K2S Dual Rotary Shear

    SHEAR: Used Dual Rotary Shear

    Manufactured in 2015, this dual rotary sheeter contains a compact Logix PLC with Panel View touchscreen. It uses helical-wound blades on knife cylinders for straight cuts for your various applications.

    • Used Model IH 400 Splicer

    SPLICER: Used Model IH400 Splicer

    This 2,500 mm used splicer features bridge mounting channels, an automatic tension control system, and left hand drive paper going, medium position. With our routine testing and tuning, this model is ready for immediate sale, and good as new for your job.

    • Used Model IMX Splicer

    SPLICER: Used Model IMX Splicer

    Our used IMX splicer features a Triple Dancer systems and bridge mounting channels. This machines also uses a rollstand revolution sensor and interface for maximum efficiency. This 1995 model reaches 300 MPM (1100 FPM) with left hand drive paper going, linear position.

    • Model I 87 inch splicer used corrugator equipment

    SPLICER: Used Model I Splicer

    Our used Model I splicer ranges in speed from 150 MPM (500 FPM) - 230 MPM (750 FPM). This machine uses both a Single and Double Dancer system, with automatic tension control. Maximum paper width reaches up to 2,200 mm (87 in).

    • Pre-Owned, Certified Marquip Model I Splicer

    SPLICER: Used Certified Marquip Model I Splicer

    Our used certified Marquip Model I splicer features splice speeds of 150 MPM (500 FPM) to 300 MPM (1000 FPM). The machine also uses automatic tension control with an operator lighting system.

    • Used Corrugator Splicer

    SPLICER: Used As-Is Model IM Splicer

    This as-is splicer runs as if it's brand new with a speed of 275 MPM (900 FPM). The machine can handle paper widths up to 2500 mm and uses a Double Dancer system.

    • 2004 MarquipWardUnited Single Pre-Heater

    PREHEATER: Used 2004 MWU Single Pre-Heater

    This used pre-heater integrates into your existing finishing line, with a complete power up and test package available. Featuring a stackable design and powered wrap, the machine measures at a 112" width and 36" diameter.

    • Pre-Owned Certified Quickset SlitterScorer with Razorset Slitting

    SLITTER / SCORER: Used Certified Quickset S/S

    This 2,500 mm used slitter and scorer reaches speeds of 300 MPM (1,000 FPM). Featuring razorset slitting with rotating lower anvil and on-head sharpening, short orders can be run back-to-back.

    • Pre-Owned 1994 MarquipWardUnited MII Slitter_Scorer with MASS


    Our used MWU MII slitter/scorer consists of a steel base and duplex fork system. The machine contains one slitting section with shear type slitting and one scoring section with scoring heads. FEC Controlled and FEC are included.

    • 1994 Slitter Scorer


    Our used MWU MII slitter/scorer consists of a steel base and duplex fork system. The machine contains one slitting section with shear type slitting and one scoring section with scoring heads. FEC Controlled and FEC are included.

    • preowned-cutoff-knife

    KNIFE: Used Certified Cutoff Knife

    With energy-efficient air-cooled motors and drives, this used cutoff knife makes an impact. The machine uses skewed knife cylinders with helical-wound blades for extra precision.

    • Preowned MWU 1997 100L Knife

    KNIFE: Used 1997 MWU Knife

    This as-is machine uses energy efficient drives and active control cabinet cooling electronics. Our 100L Model III Liquid Cooled DBL Level Knife features dual rotary knife cylinders with helical-wound blades.

    • Used Dry End Corrugator

    Pre-Owned 2006 MWU MCS, Knife, Stacker

    This pre-owned machine adds efficiency and power to your finishing equipment line. The Model 3 Double Level 100L Knife with Model IV Knife Outfeed features right hand discharge and varying sheet lengths for lower and upper levels.

    • 2011 Knife_Stacker

    Used 2011 MWU Knife, Stacker, MCS

     Our used 2011 MWU Knife, Stacker, and MCS features right hand drive paper going and left hand discharge paper going. The machine has a 3050mm (120 in) lower level and 4060mm (160 in) upper level.

    • Pre-Owned Certified Double Downstacker

    DOWNSTACKER: Used Certified Double Downstacker

    For application versatility, our double downstacker uses both vacuum and accumulation conveyors, with speeds up to 300 MPM (1,000 FPM). The machine contains an operator side catwalk system and a lift bay safety curtain system.



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