Barry-Wehmiller Network

Corrugating & Finishing Equipment

    • PreownedMWU1997100LKnife

    Used 1997 MWU 100L Model III Liquid Cooled DBL Level Knife

    • 1998MarquipWardUnitedDryEnd

    Used 1998 MarquipWardUnited Dry End

    98" Dry End

    • 2003DualRotaryShear

    Used 2003 Model 4 Dual Rotary Shear

    110 inch

    • 1994SlitterScorer

    Used 1994 MarquipWardUnited MII Slitter/Scorer WB

    with Automatic Auxiliary and MASS

    • 2004MarquipWardUnitedSinglePre-Heater

    Used 2004 MarquipWardUnited Single Pre-Heater

    112" width 36" diameter

    • Pre-Owned1994MarquipWardUnitedMIISlitter_ScorerwithMASS

    Used 1994 MarquipWardUnited MII Slitter/Scorer

    with MASS / AS-IS

    2500 mm (98 in), 300 MPM (1000 FPM)

    • TwinBoxSlitter12CycleMachine

    Used Certified Twin Box Slitter

    12 Cycle Machine

    • ModelI87inchsplicerusedcorrugatorequipment

    Used Model I Splicer

    • UsedDryEndCorrugator

    Pre-Owned 2006 MarquipWardUnited MCS, Knife, Stacker

    • UsedSplicer

    Used Model IH3 and IH4 Splicers

    • UsedCorrugatorSplicer

    Used As-Is, Where-Is Model I Splicers – 2 units available

    • UsedCorrugatorSplicer

    Used As-Is Model IM Splicer – 3 units available

    • ModelI87inchsplicerusedcorrugatorequipment

    Used Model I Splicer

    • Pre-OwnedCertifiedDoubleDownstacker

    Used Certified Double Downstacker

    Speeds up to 300 MPM (1000 FPM), Double Level

  • Used Certified Marquip Model I Splicer

    with automatic tension control

    • preowned-cutoff-knife

    Used Certified Cutoff Knife

    Modell III-L-Liquid Cooled Knives Available

    • Pre-OwnedCertifiedQuicksetSlitterScorerwithRazorsetSlitting

    Used Certified Quickset Slitter/Scorer

    with Razorset Slitting

    • LoadFormerRightangletakeoffconveyorPre-owned

    Used Load Former

    Right angle take off conveyor for Rotary Die Cutter

    • 1981-ward-die-cutter

    Used 1981 MarquipWardUnited Die Cutter

    LLC Ward Open Die Cutter

    • 1983KoppersFlexoFolderGluer

    Used 1983 Koppers Flexo Folder Gluer

    50X113 Cl2F7415 GXV

    • 1973Ward2ColorRotaryDieCutter

    Used 1973 Ward Two Color Rotary Die Cutter


    • ModelIIIKnifeandStacker

    Used 1998 MWU Model III Knife and Stacker

    Model III Knife Series 100L
    Model III Double Downstacker

    • MWUDualRotaryShearModel3

    Used 1998 MarquipWardUnited Model 3 Dual Rotary Shear


    • 2007K2SDualRotaryShear

    Used 2007 K2S Dual Rotary Shear


    Pre-Owned As-Is Dual Rotary K2S Shear

    • 2011Knife_Stacker

    Used 2011 MarquipWardUnited Knife, Stacker, MCS




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