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Upgrades & Rebuilds

Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades/Rebuilds

Over a long period of time machine components do tend to wear. That is where Zerand can help. As the original equipment manufacturer, we can provide a variety of overhaul options, from a platen section overhaul or a customized overhaul, to a complete OEM overhaul.

The OEM overhaul includes the replacement of all worn parts. With this option, the unit will be rebuilt the original OEM specifications and with a full warranty on the complete unit. There are several enhancements and technical improvements, which can be added.

Electronic upgrades (ELS) include Bosch Rexroth Indramat ELS drives, motors and PLC, plus open loop variable speed drives.

  • ELS Lower Feed Roller Upgrade
  • ELS Metering Roller Upgrade
  • Most of the ELS applications offered on new Zerand equipment

On the right are a few photographs that show the before and after of an OEM overhaul.

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Bosch Rexroth Indramat ELS drives, motor and PLC, plus open loop variable speed drives make Zerand lines the most accurate, reliable and versatile in the industry

  • ELS infeed and outfeed units
  • ELS Cutter metering roller
  • ELS Lower feed roller
  • ELS stripper nip speed
  • ELS stripper phase
  • ELS stripper pin cylinder and transport belts
  • ELS collator drums
  • ELS collator slow down section
  • ELS belt askew speed
  • Variable speed delivery table belts
  • Variable speed stacker interface table
  • Variable speed stacker clear off table
  • Variable speed stacker elevator motion
  • Variable speed stacker ejection belts

Main touch screen operator console incorporates the following functions:

  • HMI “Human – machine interface”
    • Visualization all main functions of the line
    • Graphical visualization of the line with unit status
    • Manual setting of all main production parameters
  • Print to cut register: Zerand propietary software and integrated with the Bosch Rexroth drive platform, it guarantees the most precise print to cut accuracy in the industry
  • Diagnostic system:
    • Log and description of all faults in the machine
  • Point of contact for the remote connection for remote assistance

Autosetup The ability to view, and store all adjustable parameters for the entire system of equipment from a single location; main functions including the following (but not limited to) will  be stored by individual job (number of jobs is practically unlimited):

  • Print to cut registration set points
  • Stripper phase
  • Belt askew streams position and speed
  • Drive phase for each individual ELS axis
  • Automatic de-curl
  • Tension levels
  • Delivery table individual belt speeds
  • Stacker parameters (stack height, stack count, clear off rate)
  • Note pad function to store operator notes by job

Safety Upgrades

Over the years, the safety requirements for the printing and converting industry have changed. As a result, safety systems that were on the equipment when it was first installed may not comply with current industry standards.
Zerand would be happy to evaluate your line of equipment and offer a safety system upgrade that will bring your control system and machine guarding up to compliance with currently accepted industry practices.

Zerand can offer safety upgrades for the following areas:

  • Safety circuits for stopping the equipment and placing it in a safe operating mode so that operators can perform routine production functions while ensuring that machine motion is inhibited.
  • Drive systems to incorporate integrated drive safety technology that allows the individual machine section drives to operate in a safe mode while under power.
  • Machine guarding to minimize residual risk for exposed operator hazards. The upgraded guarding utilizes locking safety switches that prevent the operator from being exposed to a hazardous area until the control system safely stops the machine and places the drive system into a safe mode.

Complete safety system upgrades are designed to meet or exceed Category 3 requirements.

For further information on a program to increase machine safety levels, please contact your Zerand Sales representative.



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