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Delivery Systems

Zerand’s innovative delivery systems easily handle even the most demanding jobs. Because of our extensive custom engineering capabilities, we can design and deliver any kind of system you need – from vacuum transfers, automated belt askew, standard delivery tables, to gap generators, to various size stackers.
    • Zerand Collator
    • Collator


    Zerand’s servo-driven collator is specifically designed to handle long cartons with improved running speed and shingling quality.

    • zerand_belt_askew
    • Zerand Belt askew_1
    • Zerand Belt Askew
    • belt_askew_slide2

    Belt Askew

    The Zerand Belt Askew provides controlled and predictable separation of folding cartons.  


    • Zerand two stage delivery_
    • Zerand Two Stage Delivery
    • delivery_table_1
    • delivery_table_41

    Two Stage Delivery Table

    • Combinatin-Belt-Skew-Delivery

    Combination Belt Skew Delivery

    • Gap-Generator_531px
    • Gap-Generator-2_531px

    Gap Generator

    Traveling break bar eliminates shingle accumulation behind the bar and delivers consistent streams to the stacker.

    • Stacker-Slide-Show-01
    • Stacker-Slide-Show-02

    Carton Stacker

    Carton stackers form stacks of blanks from a shingled stream for maximum productivity. Stacks eject to delivery table where they can be picked up manually or by a robot or palletizer.



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