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Robofeed Feeding & Counting Automation

Increased automation, less intense manual work – that’s a trend in almost all industries, including in the paper converting and packaging business. More automation in folio wrapping means improved overall equipment efficiency, higher wrapping accuracy and of course freeing up operators for other tasks.

The ROBOFEED is a stand-alone fully automatic sheet counting and ream feeding system that can be integrated into any folio ream wrapper of any brand. It however still offers the flexibility to run the wrapper in a conventional way, with manual ream infeed by operators, if needed.

    • Robofeed

    ROBOFEED – Automatic Sheet Counting & Ream Feeding System

    The ROBOFEED is an innovative upgrade for any ream wrapper. It adds a robotic sheet counting and ream feeding solution for increased performance and efficiency. By means of a counting disc or caliper system, sheets are accurately counted and then pushed into the wrapper by two grippers.



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