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Digital-Size Sheeting Machines

The future looks bright for digital printing as it advances in terms of print quality, efficiency, reliability and flexibility. With our machine solutions, handling the variety of demands from the digital market is easy. Ideal for innovative converter or printers, who want to offer a broad portfolio of digital sizes quickly and flexible. High-precision sheeters guarantee highest cut quality and sheet length accuracy for all sizes and convert all types of material from digital printing paper, coated paper, board to various foils.
    • Digital Size Sheeting: Overview SHM Digicut
    • Digital Size Sheeting: Paper Cut
    • Digital Size Sheeting: Gripper Carriage
    • Digital Size Sheeting: Infeed in Collecting Box
    • Digital Size Sheeting: Trimmer
    • Digital Size Sheeting: End Product

    SHM Digicut

    High-precision, flexible sheeter for cut-size, digital and folio-size products.



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