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Flexo Folder Gluers

BW Papersystems is a premier Flexo Folder Gluer (FFG) manufacturer for high-productivity environments. The Flexo Folder Gluer produces consistent, quality boxes with a wide range of configurations available to suit any production level.

Configurations include close registration printing in addition to having print units to print outside and inside the box to match your graphic requirements. Single or multiple print units are available depending on your needs. Additionally, a Twin Box Slitter can be coupled with the Flexo Folder Gluer to double production on small boxes.

Learn more about the Flexo Folder Gluer machines below. Or, contact the BW Papersystems sales team to learn more.

Features of the BW Papersystems Flexo Folder Gluer Machine

With features like PC-based computer controls with remote diagnostics and backwards compatible controls, the Flexo Folder Gluer machine from BW Papersystems is ready to increase efficiency and production for your line. Learn more about the valuable features and benefits of choosing BW Papersystems for your Flexo Folder Gluer machines.

A Legacy of Durability

The G-Grafix Flexo Folder Gluer was designed for sophistication and simplicity, based on the legacy of the Ward Rotary Die Cutter, invented by William Ward. Ward machines are known for being productive and robust machines. Today, the rugged Ward reputation lives on as a world leader in manufacturing finishing machinery like the Flexo Folder Gluer from BW Papersystems.

Wide-Range of Product Sizes

BW Papersystems’ Flexo Folder Gluer machines can make a wide range of product sizes. Our team can help you find the right model for your product’s size.

The G-Grafix Flexo Folder Gluer is available in three models:
• The 11500 for small boxes
• The 12600 for medium boxes
• The 16000 for larger boxes
Each model of Flexo Folder Gluer can be equipped with one print or up to seven prints. There is also an optional wide print unit for specific printing needs and two sizes of counter ejectors to accommodate different sizes.

Customize Your Flexo Folder Gluer to Your Specifications

There are plenty of customization options for the Flexo Golder Gluers from BW Papersystems depending on your production line needs. Learn more about our customization options below.

Offers a More Unique Product: If you’re looking to expand market share and offer unique products, an extra print unit can be added to add graphics inside the box.

Improves Quality & Box Size Consistency: A servo-driven die cutter like the Shark Anvil Trimmer or Variable Stroke Feeder for squarer boxes can be added to improve the quality and consistency of box size.

Applies Top-Level Graphics: Chambered doctor blades, infrared dryers for print units, and dust collection options can be added to improve the quality of graphics on the boxes.

Increases Production: A Twin Box Slitter can double your production of smaller boxes by slitting a double blank into two smaller boxes.

What is a Flexo Folder Gluer & How Does It Work?

If you’re not quite as familiar with the machines as we are, it can be tricky to know exactly what they do. With training and education as a key component of our service offerings, we work with our customers to educate them on how a Flexo Folder Gluer works as a cardboard box making machine. 

First, the corrugated sheets that have already been scored are fed into the Flexo Folder Gluer. The blank corrugated sheets are then fed into the machine one at a time using belts and vacuums to hold the sheets square in place before they enter the print units.

Then, the sheets are printed with simple or complex graphics before being pulled through the die cut section and the scorer-slotter section to be slotted with flaps. This is where it is trimmed for the final shape of the box.

The final joint is glued, and the blank is folded in the folder section of the machine. It is then counted and stacked in the counter ejector. Then the process begins all over again with the next box!

Flexo Folder Gluer Training

The BW Papersystems team is committed to providing top-notch customer service, including training our customers for success. We have developed customized training programs that cover the essential aspects of how to operate a Flexo Folder Gluer.

We offer machine training to learn about machine operation and preventive maintenance procedures. We can also schedule one of our team members to perform general maintenance at your location. 

Process training is available to provide continuous improvement to the steps taken from job order to final stacking with a focus on lean manufacturing techniques to help you and your team improve productivity.

Learn more about Flexo Folder Gluer training and our other training programs.
    • Flexo-Folder-Gluer-Side
    • Flexo-Folder-Gluer
    • Flexo-Folder-Gluer-Printing-Unit
    • Flexo Folder Gluer: Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
    • Flexo Folder Gluer: Corrugated Box with Inside Printing
    • Flexo Folder Gluer: Die Cut Vegetables box

    G-Grafix Flexo Folder Gluer

    The G-Grafix Flexo Folder Gluer from BW Papersystems has a simple and robust design that is easier to operate and maintain than previous generations of Flexo Folder Gluers. This alone makes it a valuable addition to your production line; but that’s not all.

    • MiniPro Flexo Folder Gluer_
    • MiniPro Flexo Folder Gluer
    • 6.18 (26.71) MiniPro Flexo Folder Gluer: Stacking
    • 6.18 (26.71) MiniPro Flexo Folder Gluer: End product

    MiniPro Flexo Folder Gluer

    6.18 (26.71) MiniPro Flexo Folder Gluer for production of small boxes, designed to help boxmakers dealing with frequent printing plate changeover and reduced order sizes.




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