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Cut-Size Sheeting Machines

Cut-Size Sheeters
Cut-size system solutions that go way beyond just A4 sheeting - from the reel to the finished pallet, we offer solutions that satisfy all your requirements for cut-size converting. With cut-size sheeters from 2 up to 16 pockets we can offer various, customized machines and complete line solutions for producing office paper at its best.
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP22-02forA4PaperProduction
    • A4PaperProductionP22-02Endproduct
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP22-02forA4PaperProductionReamWrapper
    • A4PaperProductionP22-02tapesection
    • A4PaperProductionP22-02Crosscutter
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP22-02Slitter

    P 22-02

    Flexible cut-size sheeter for versatile converting of copy paper or loose leaves including optional inline ream wrapper.

    • Cut-SizeSheeterforA4PaperProductionP23-02
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP23-02CrossCutter
    • Cut-SizeSheeterWrapperP23-02wrapper
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP23-02Slitter

    P 23-02

    Flexible cut-size sheeter for versatile converting of copy paper or loose leaves
    including optional inline ream wrapper and cartonizer

    • Cut-SizeSheeterforA4PaperProductionP32-02
    • A4PaperProductionP32-02Endproduct
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP32-02Wrapper
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP32-02CrossCutter
    • A4PaperProductionP32-02TapeSection
    • Cut-SizeSheeterP32-02Slitter

    P 32-02

    The P32-02 is a reliable automatic cut-size sheeter (2 pockets) with optional inline ream wrapper (CSW 25, CSW 30 or Pemco Model 32) and cartonizer (CSC 60) for converting cut-size paper in small to medium production runs and with sizes ranging from A4 to A3 (8 1/2“ x 11“ up to 11“ x 17“).

    • Cut-SizeSheeterforA4PaperProductionSLKProCut
    • Cut-SizePaperProductionSLKProcutoverview
    • Cut-SizePaperProductionDischarge

    SLK Procut

    Available with 2 up to 6 pockets, the SLK Procut series stands for converting diversity. This sheeter converts virtually all common paper types and grades.

    • Cut-SizeSheeterforA4PaperProductionSLK490
    • Cut-SizeSheetingPaperTransport
    • Cut-SizeSheetingCollecting
    • Cut-SizeSheetingUnwindStation
    • Cut-SizeSheetingSlitterSection
    • Sideview_SLK490

    SLK 490

    Available with 7 up to 10 pockets, the SLK 490 series sets standards in mass converting of all common paper grades. It offers high-performance with speeds of up to 450 m/min, at maximum cost-effectiveness.

    • Cut-SizeSheeterforA4PaperProductionSLK470
    • Cut-SizeSheetingDischarge
    • Cut-SizeSheetingSLK470CrossCutter
    • Cut-SizeSheetingNon-StopUnwindStation
    • Cut-SizeSheetingSLK470overview

    SLK 470

    Highly automated, high-performance cut-size paper production. Available with 11 up to 16 pockets, the SLK 470 series offers intelligent processes and sophisticated technologies to provide trouble-free, non-stop and efficient production.



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