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Web-fed Platen Die Cutter

Zerand equipment is built to last. Heavy-duty construction enables our cutter lines to deliver reliable high-speed performance and low maintenance requirements for years. In fact, it’s not surprising to find Zerand die cutters still going strong after more than a quarter century.

What has distinguished us over the years is the precision and quality of our cutters. Our narrow and wide-web reciprocating platen die cutters and strippers continue to set the industry standard for speed, quality and productivity.

The Zerand Line Concept: Platen Cutters cut, crease and strip a continuous web of printed paperboard, to form individual blanks in register with the printed art and deliver them in either shingled streams or stacked batches.

  • 1000 Series Platen Die Cutter

    Whether they are installed new or retrofit, with a new or existing gravure, flexographic or offset press, our platen die cutters and strippers meet the exacting specifications and time-sensitive needs of packaging converters.

  • Unwinders and Rewinders

    Zerand in-line converting systems are designed to customers’ unique specifications. Our terminal equipment options facilitate efficient delivery and splicing operations at web speeds.

  • Delivery Systems

    Zerand’s innovative delivery systems easily handle even the most demanding jobs. Because of our extensive custom engineering capabilities, we can design and deliver any kind of system you need – from vacuum transfers, automated belt askew, standard delivery tables, to gap generators, to various size stackers.

  • Upgrades & Rebuilds

    Over a long period of time machine components do tend to wear. That is where Zerand can help. As the original equipment manufacturer, we can provide a variety of overhaul options, from a platen section overhaul or a customized overhaul, to a complete OEM overhaul.

  • Markets

    The ever-expanding global market for folding cartons relies on Zerand’s web-fed die-cutting systems for production. Check out the other markets we serve.



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