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Folio-Size Sheeters & Packaging

Our folio sheeters and packaging systems provide the performance and product quality for the paper and board industry, folding carton, printers, converter and specialty mill operations. Our sheeters and packaging machines are designed to handle all commercial types of large format paper and board, as well as many other sensitive materials, with flexibility and consistent performance.

Folio-size sheeters from BW Papersystems are designed to handle a variety of large-size sheets at high-speeds to meet your production goals. Customization options include levels of automation, splicing, automatic positioning slitters, edge guides, programmable decurling, tab insertes and much more.

BW Papersystems folio ream wrappers offer solutions for small to mid-range production up to highest performance. Our semi-automatic to fully automatic machines are compact and modular and adapt to exactly what you need. They can reliably handle large format reams of paper, board or various other flat materials with consistent wrapping quality.

  • Robofeed Feeding & Counting Automation

    The ROBOFEED is an innovative upgrade for any ream wrapper. It adds a robotic sheet counting and ream feeding solution for increased performance and efficiency. By means of a counting disc or caliper system, sheets are accurately counted and then pushed into the wrapper by two grippers.

  • Folio-Size Sheeter Machines

    BW Papersystems sheeters are the perfect folio sheeting solution whether you are a specialty mill, a paper or board converter, a printer, or sheet a variety of sensitive materials. 

  • Folio-Size Ream Wrappers

    Our folio-size ream wrappers are available for different production output and automation needs. All machines are compact, modular and reliable.

  • Digital-Size Sheeting Machines

    The digital printing market sets high standards for efficiency, productivity, quality and flexibility but with our digital sheeter they become a breeze. The high-precision digital, cut-size and folio-size sheeter easily handles all types of material.



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