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BW Papersystems is a premier corrugator machine manufacturer with a wide range of complete corrugators and corrugator components to match your specific production needs.

We understand that each plant has different requirements and will need different corrugating machinery or components depending on the size of boxes they are making, which is why we ensure our machines can be customized to meet those specific requirements. Contact the BW Papersystems team to discuss your needs in detail.

Corrugating Process

The corrugating process begins with paper being fed into a corrugator, which is a machine that manufactures corrugated fiberboard into cardboard boxes. The paper is heated with steam and pressed to form the corrugated cardboard shape. One layer is glued between two other layers to form standard three-layer corrugated board.

Each machine in the corrugating process plays a very important role, so it is important to rely on an industry-leading corrugator machine manufacturer to make sure you have the right components and machines.

BW Papersystems’ corrugating machinery has been designed to fit any of our customers’ requirements whether it’s single wall, double wall, or triple wall. The width capabilities go from 1800mm (70”) to 2800mm (110”), and production speeds go from 200 mpm (650fpm) to 460mpm (1500fpm).

Features of the BW Papersystems Corrugating Machinery

With 50 years of experience, BW Papersystems knows what is important for corrugating plants. We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing reliable corrugating machinery. Learn about the key features of our corrugators and how they can provide value for your production line.


At BW Papersystems, we pride ourselves on being a top-notch corrugator machine manufacturer and strive to provide the highest reliability for all our machines through our thorough technological development and testing process. We also collaborate with our customers to better understand market needs so we can develop new technologies accordingly.

High-Quality Board

Corrugating machinery from BW Papersystems is designed to create high-quality boards, so you never have to sacrifice quality for speed or any other factor. As a leading corrugator machine manufacturer, we offer efficient and effective solutions to support corrugating businesses so they can continue to provide the highest quality products to their customers.

Customize Your Corrugator to Your Specifications

Depending on your production line needs, BW Papersystems can offer customization options for our corrugating machines.

There are more than 60 upgrades available for your corrugator to address productivity, safety and obsolescence issues. For example, our patented Infusion Technology can be applied in different parts of a corrugator from any corrugator machine manufacturer. It will help provide you with flatter board, ready to convert right after it goes out of the corrugator, and there is no need to store for cooling.

Corrugating Training

As an industry-leading corrugator machine manufacturer, the BW Papersystems team is committed to customer service and training. BW Papersystems has developed customized training programs to cover the essential aspects of how to use our corrugating machinery.

Our training services will help you increase production with longer intervals between maintenance, increase efficiency, and minimize machine downtime with improved fault diagnostics.

Learn more about our corrugating training services and contact us today to schedule training for your team.

Additionally, all single wall corrugators can be upgraded to double wall and then triple wall if needed.

  • Complete Corrugators

    BW Papersystems, is a leading supplier of complete corrugators tailored to meet your production needs. With our long-lasting commitment to the market we supply complete corrugators and offer a variety of configurations designed to suit your individual needs.

  • Corrugator Components

    The best investments may be individual corrugator components for an existing line.  Our BW Papersystems Team has the integration knowledge and expertise to provide a superior investment return for a custom improvement of an existing line.

  • Adhesive Mixing Systems

    Precise Starch Mixing for Better Quality - with VortX Fully Automatic Starch Mixing Systems



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