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Used 2002 MarquipWardUnited 1500mm (59in) Sheeter

  • MWU Sheeter without paper delivery
  • 1500 mm (59 in)
  • MIII 25L DTAM Dual Rotary Knife
  • Right Hand Operator Paper Going
  • Integrated MWU Knife Outfeed with diverter and Piler infeed conveyor
  • Machine is designed and built on Heavy Duty Caster rollers
  • Manual set up Slitter
  • MWU Piler 1 pocket, 825mm (32.5 in) stack height, 1500mm (59 in) sheet length, inline flat plate table discharge
  • 1270mm (50 in) board pass height at infeed of slitter
  • Prints and manuals provided
  • Warranty not included
  • Customer visit and inspection required
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    Used 2002 MarquipWardUnited 1500mm (59in) Sheeter


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