Barry-Wehmiller Network

Used 1998 Complete SHM Sheeter Line

  • Complete Sheeter line.
  • (1450mm) SHM Single Knife Sheeter
  • CTR Cut To Register
  • Shaftless unwind stand model SU400
  • Tidland 3 slitting unit
  • Motorized Edge/Roll Decurler
  • (300m/min) maximum mechanical Speed
  • Piler with Metal Skid Plate
  • (1200mm) Pile height, (1500kg) Pile weight
  • Knife Outfeed Tape Belt Section, Overlap Vacuum,
    Shingling Section, and Accumulation Conveyor
  • Sheet Width (1450mm) inch maximum
  • Sheet Length (1200mm) Maximum
  • Pricing, Installation and Delivery Upon Request
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    Used 1998 Complete SHM Sheeter Line


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