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Belt Askew

The Zerand Belt Askew provides controlled and predictable separation of folding cartons.

The Belt Askew divides the sheet into individual cartons, breaking the nicks that hold them together and separating them both in the running and lateral direction. This Creates the gap necessary to lay the blanks down onto the delivery table to form precisely overlapped continuous shingle streams.

Multiple streams of cartons can be delivered at top production speeds. Motorized adjustments on the fly facilitate continuous operation. Fast changeover reduces labor costs. 

•Auto Set Up allows all settings to be stored for fast set up the next time this job is run
•Adjustable Tilt allows the angle that cartons are forwarded onto the shingle conveyor to be adjusted
•Independent Drives for all belts for fast set up from memory
•Fast Jam Removal using a lifting belt section


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Belt Askew


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