Barry-Wehmiller Network
    • ZerandUnwinder_
    • Zerandunwinder

    Zerand Unwinder Unit

    Efficiently feed printed or unprinted web from reel to printing and converting operation.

    • Twostacksofcorrugatedcardboardsheets
    • IntegratedWetEndControlSystem
    • PressureTypeSinglefacerwithQuickRollChange
    • Hyraulicallyarmsforupdownandopenclosemovements
    • Gun-drilledsteelhotplatesvirtuallyeliminatecuppinganddeflection
    • DualRotaryShearLowdiverterangleimprovesdivertreliablity
    • RPS-ExpressSlitter-ScorerIndustry-leadingheadsetupaccuracy
    • SaberKnifeReliablehigh-speedinstantorderchange
    • SaberKnifeWalk-inaccessisconvenientandsafe
    • DownstackerReliablehigh-speedorderchange
    • ExpertadvicebyphoneandthroughremoteaccessviamodemVPNsoftwarehardware
    • SupportingMaintenanceTrainingSparePartsTechnicalFieldService

    Harmony Corrugator Series

    The Harmony corrugator is designed for customers looking for a value on cost-to-performance, and a “crushless” corrugator that offers quality board to satisfy their market requests. This is a customized solution with a modular design to meet the needs of our customers.

    • OneStackofcorrugatedcardboardsheets
    • IntegratedWetEndControlSystem
    • Hyraulicallyarmsforupdownandopenclosemovements
    • RollStandwithDigitalScreen
    • Tensioncontrolbyairbrake
    • OneoftheQuietestSinglefacersintheMarket
    • Slitandscoretoolsareaccuratelypositionedbyindependentservomotors
    • Helicalwoundbladeswithservomotorcontrolprovidescuttingaccuracyof-1mm
    • Downstackerasastandardoptionalupstackerwithintelligentconveyorandbayliftcontrolsavailable

    Value Corrugator Series

    The Value Corrugator line is reliable and cost effective, with a value on cost-to-performance ratio. The Value Corrugator, and its comprehensive management system, fits well in markets that require high volume of order changes, with moderate demand for product output for narrow to wide widths.

    • ThreeStacksofcorrugatedcardboardsheets
    • SignatureSplicer-Highspeedsplicingcapability
    • TheAdvantageSinglefaceracceptsthewidestvarietyofmediumsandlinerstoproducesuperiorboardquality
    • SteadyBondGlueMachine
    • DualRotaryShearLowdiverterangleimprovesdivertreliability
    • Cool-VacDoublefacerVacuumTractionSectioneliminatesthepossibilityofboardcrushinthetractionsection
    • Gun-drilledsteelhotplatesvirtuallyeliminatecuppinganddeflection
    • RPS-ExpressSlitter-ScorerIndustry-leadingheadsetupaccuracy
    • FusionKnifeStackerDesignedtogethertoprovideoptimalperformance
    • SupportingMaintenanceTrainingSparePartsTechnicalFieldService
    • SuperiorWebSheetControlLineSpeedWasteEjection
    • ExpertadvicebyphoneandthroughremoteaccessviamodemVPNsoftwarehardware

    Performance Corrugator Series

    The Performance Corrugator offers high productivity, and quality board. It features the Sentinel Complete Corrugator Control System, that allows for information to be communicated throughout the corrugator. The Performance line can be configured to be upgradable - to allow for future growth.

    • MaxProSetUpWhileRunRotaryDieCutter
    • RotaryDieCutter-MaxProSetupwhilerunMachineOverview
    • DieCutCorrugatedCardboardBox
    • RotaryDieCutterPizzaBox
    • RotaryDieCutterBoxforthePharmaceuticalIndustry
    • RotaryDieCutterBoxfortheGlassIndustry
    • RotaryDieCutterBoxfortheCeramicIndustry

    MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter

    The MarquipWardUnited MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter is a robust set-up-while-run machine.

    • PassPort-2R-web
    • PassportMachinePassPort2Endproducts
    • PURgluingnozzle

    PassPort 2R

    The PassPort 2R machine laminates covers/e-covers/chip-inlays onto sewn layers and/or covers on inlays to produce e-covers.

    • valmet-2001-wm

    Used Valmet 1450 CTS Sheeter


    • Pemcon66L-wm

    Used 2002 Pemco Model 66L Ream Wrapper


    • Pemco-34R-wm

    Used 1988 Pemco Ream Wrapper


    • Bielo-CSW-wm

    Used 2012 Bielomatik Cut Size Sheeter and Wrapper


    • Web-In-Slitter-WMweb

    Used 2006 MWU Automatic Web-In Slitter


    • EconWeb

    Used 2015 BW Papersystems eCON Sheeter


    • SheetrunnerSheeterWeb

    Used 2005 MWU SheetRunner Sheeter


    • preowned-doublefacer

    DOUBLEFACER: Used 2005 Doublefacer

    • Preowned-Downstacker

    DOWNSTACKER: Pre-Owned As-Is 1999 Downstacker

    • TSKWaterMarkforCoverPhoto

    Used 2001 Valmet 1450 TSK Sheeter


    • SuperiorWebSheetControlLineSpeedWasteEjection
    • FusionKnifeStackerDesignedtogethertoprovideoptimalperformance

    Fusion Knife & Stacker

    Combination knife and stacker, designed together to provide optimal performance. 

    • pasaban-with-WM

    Used 1998 Pasaban Sheeter


    • bielomatik-for-website

    Used Bielomatik CFS DI Sheeter


    • RQSVSheeter
    • PharmaInsertorIn-Mouldlabelprinting
    • Printedlightweightpaperonstack
    • Filmconverting-OptionalCoronatreatment
    • Stackoffilmsheets
    • BeerLabelSheetingSystem
    • FlexibleSheetorReelproductioninoneline

    RQS-V folio sheeter

    The RQS-V rotary paper Sheeter offers variable size sheeting of lightweight paper and plastic film. Ideal as stand-alone or in-line with a printing press – the sheeter’s production speed of 400 m/min meets the speed of the press.



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