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SheetWizard Sheeter

The SheetWizard Folio Sheeter can run both paper and board and provides superior cut accuracy - specifically designed for production needs of mills, converters, commercial printers and folding carton plants at a very economical price.
  • Dual rotary knife technology in a very economical standardized package, with superb cut quality up to 1000gsm
  • Maximum speed of 335 MPM (1100FPM) with curve optimized for digital sheet sizes
  • Compact design utilizing an integrated slitter, draw roll, knife cylinders, and outfeed tape belt
  • Advanced overlap system for faster speeds with reduced marking
  • Versatility to handle a full range of paper and board products. Automatic pallet change
  • IEC 61131-3 PC-based control system

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SheetWizard Sheeter
Paper and Board Sheeter with Superior Cut Accuracy


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