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Continuum Sheeter

The Continuum Folio Sheeter has been specifically designed to meet the production needs of the paper mill industry. This multi-purpose, dual-rotary sheeter accurately cuts both fine paper and paperboard for maximum productivity. The Continuum sheeter is configurable with multiple paper-delivery and continuous run pallet discharge systems.

• Soft Metric Design
• Full Speed Continuous Discharge Option
• Knife speed curve - 400 MPM (1300 FPM)
• Sheet lengths - 400mm - 2100mm
• Configurable for fine paper and board
• Auto or manual setup options: slitter, overlap section, stacking bay
• Auto pallet positioning
• Heavy duty mesh belt stack discharge
• Two stage belted outfeed section with heavy duty divert system
• Lean by Design
• Functional Aesthetics
• Effective power use
• Maintenance friendly
• Management information access
• Intuative operation

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Continuum Sheeter
Dual-Rotary Sheeter for Fine Paper and Paperboard


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