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SE1000 Dual Rotary Shear

The Shear can enhance the productivity of the entire line through reliable, high-speed
removal of scrap and looseback before it can enter the dry end. Unbounded board is a
frequent cause of dry end machinery jams. Shear features which allow excellent scrap out
reliability include:

  • Dual rotary design allows the shear to easily cut through all types of scrap
  • Driven diverter nip ensures positive diversion of defective sheets onto the scrap cart. This feature is essential to control board that is not cured properly
  • Exit brush prevents looseback accumulation around knife cylinders
  • Scrap cart moved closer to cutting cylinder to maximize scrap cart capacity and prevent sheet hang-ups during cart removal.

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SE1000 Dual Rotary Shear
High speed scrap divert and web sever capabilities


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