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1994 Twin Box Slitter

Twin Box™ Slitter designed for interface with customer’s existing powered infeed conveyor. Includes MarquipWardUnited paper conveyor. Cuts double-up RSCs to individual RSCs or RSCs to HSCs.

Machine Rebuilt and Certified by BW Papersystems in 2015

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Used Twin Box Slitter
  • 14 Cycle Machine
  • Digital Display for Operator Interface
  • Machine Diagnostics
  • Box Width to be Slit (Twin Box™ Slitter Machine Direction)  355.6mm (14 in) min / 1270mm (50 in) max
  • Box Length to be Slit (Twin Box™ Slitter Cross-Machine Direction)   
       304.8 (12 in) min / 914.4mm (36 in) max 
  • Prints and Manuals provided
  • Warranty no included
  • Certified Rebuild, Power-up, and Test options available
Please contact us for more information.
Please contact us for more information.

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1994 Twin Box Slitter

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