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Platen Die Cutters 1000 Series

Efficient Die Cutting- inline with any press or offline

Zerand builds on engineering expertise to create platen die cutters that are considered the best in the world. Designed for high-speed, high-volume non-stop operation, our custom-engineered die cutters will exceed your expectations for both precision and productivity.

Our 1000 Series cutters are rated up to 1000 FPM (305 MPM) 450 IPM depending on model. These systems perform with unyielding precision. Motorized adjustments make them operator-friendly.

The strippers’ user-friendly, motorized adjustments deliver easy, precise performance. Predrilling the removable pin cylinder off-line allows you to reduce changeover time.

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Zerand platen die cutter
Specifications Narrow Web Cutter – 1000 FPM Wide Web Cutter – 1000 FPM
Maximum Web Width: 22″ (559mm) 26″ (660mm) 32″ 813mm) 40″ (1016mm) 48″ (1219mm) 55″ (1397mm)
Minimum Web Width: 11″ (279mm) 13″ (330mm) 16″ (406mm) 20″ (508mm) 24″ (610mm) 27″ (686mm)
Maximum Cutoff: 30″ (762mm) 30″ (762mm) 30″ (762mm) 40″ (1016mm) 40″ (1016mm) 40″ (1016mm)
Minimum Cutoff: 15″ (381mm) 15″ (381mm) 15″ (381mm) 18″ (457mm) 18″ (457mm) 18″ (457mm)
Maximum Cutting Load: 400,000 LBS. 450,000 LBS. 500,000 LBS. 1,000,000 LBS. 1,250,000 LBS. 1,500,000 LBS.
Maximum Cut/Crease Rule: 725″ (18,415mm) 820″ (20,828mm) 900″ (22,860mm) 1800″ (45,720mm) 2270″ (57,658mm) 2700″ (65,580mm)
Substrate Thickness: .010″ – .030″ (.25-.75mm) .010″ – .040″ (.25-1.00mm)
Print To Cut Registration: +/-.006″ (+/- .15mm)
Register Control System: Zerand or other suitable commercial registration system.
Maximum Speed 1000 FPM (305 MPM)
Maximum Impressions 450 IPM 450 IPM 450 IPM 425 IPM 425 IPM 425 IPM

  • Fast changeover attributed to the following available features:
    1. Auto-setup of the complete line
    2. Quick Tool Change for the cutter, stripper, belt askew and stacker
  • Roll to Blank to Stack, reducing plant storage and logistics, easily interfaces with palletizing systems
  • Customizable design
  • Latest generation ELS technology – Bosch Rexroth Indramat
  • USA based service and spare parts
  • Low tooling cost
  • Low scrap rate

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Platen Die Cutters 1000 Series
Efficient Die Cutting- inline with any press or offline

System Solutions: More Than a Machine

    • cutter_stripper_view
    • platen_cutter_stripper4
    • Zerand ELS Stripper_

    ELS (Electric Line Shaft) Stripper

    Once a carton has been precision-cut, the ELS Strippers efficiently remove the waste. Accurate waste removal without unnecessary, complex and time-consuming operations is ensured by belt transport of cartons through the strippers.

    • cassette_stripper
    • platen_cutter_stripper4
    • Zerand ELS Motor
    • Zerand ELS Stripper_

    ELS (Electric Line Shaft) Cutters

    All Zerand cutters come standard with ELS on the lower feed roll and the metering roll.



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