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SheetRunner Sheeter

Dual-Rotary Sheeter for Easy, Low-Cost Installation and Minimal Floor Space

Designed for folding carton plants and commercial printers, the SheetRunner is a dual-rotary sheeting system that is optimized for high-volume board production. Brushless liquid-cooled high-torque knife cylinder motors are used to reduce maintenance and lower power consumption. Learn more about the SheetRunner Sheeter machine.

  • Features
  • Designed for high volume board production environments• Standard run speed of 335 MPM (1100 FPM) or optional 400 MPM (1500 FPM)
  • Dual rotary direct drive knife provides superior cut quality
  • Brushless liquid-cooled Hi-torque knife cylinder motors for reduced maintenance and lower power consumption
  • Optional mesh belt discharge conveyors for minimal stack disturbance allow removal by drive-on pallet jacks from any side
  • Continuous operation at skid discharge for increased production
  • Optional On-the-Fly Bowtie Splicer for decreased waste and increased production at roll change
  • Plastic chain conveyor allows discharge of full skids without shifting the sheets and an electric pallet jack can be driven directly onto the conveyor
  • IEC 61131-3 PC-based control system
  • Available in several widths

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Folio Sheeter: SheetRunner machine overview Folio Sheeter: SheetRunner machine overview Folio Sheeter: SheetRunner machine overview





Sheet Width



1500 mm

1850 mm





Reel Width



1700 mm

1900 mm



Reel Diameter


1850 mm

2130 mm



Reel Weight


4545 Kg

10,000 lbs



400 m/min

1100 ft/min

Length Accuracy

Single Web

+ / - 0.38 mm (0.015”)

Length Accuracy

Multi Web

+ / - 0.5 mm (0.020”)



1000 gsm



600 gsm

Sheet Length


400 mm

2080 mm



Superior Knife Performance
The SheetRunner™ sheeter comes complete with Marquip’s industry standard dual rotary knife for consistently accurate cut sheets. With 1000 GSM knife loading, materials up to .038” (1mm) thick or higher can be cut cleanly, squarely, and without angel hairs. Brushless high-torque knife cylinder motors combine with low-inertia knife cylinders to provide the highest cutting speeds in the industry. Helical wound blades require less cutting force and generate significantly less heat during the cutting process.

PC Based Controls
An integrated PC-based controls system, fully compliant with the IEC 61131-3 programming standard, streamlines the machine control system while offering seamless network connectivity to optional remote operator terminals and plant computers. Graphical touch screens with advanced diagnostics simplify order entry and provide for complete machine operation from either main or optional remote operator consoles.

Superior Splicing
MarquipWardUnited is the world leader in splicer technology with over 5,000 units installed around the world. The SheetRunner™ can be configured with the MarquipWardUnited Bow-Tie Splicer and MARQ II Roll Stand for continuous paper delivery system operation.

Standard Features
• Vibrating full width side tamps, integrated curling shoes, and modular backstop
• Heavy-duty lift table
• Vacuum-modulated overlap section
• Reject gate
• Available in widths of 1500mm (59”), 1850mm (73”), 2200mm (87”) and 2500mm (98”)
• Continuous skid discharge system with multiple conveyors for accumulation of full skids
• Multiple decurl systems including the Three Bar bi-directional decurler with programmable decurl on diameter control


  • Simplex or duplex Class III manual or web-in slitters for faster order changes and unsurpassed slit quality.
  • High speed discharge using shingle separator, and fully automatic (on the fly) order change capability, and fully integrated auto pallet dispensing systems.
  • Cut-to-register
  • Integrated flexo press Units
  • Heavy-duty shaftless unwind stands with multiple tension control options.
  • Automatic web guides
  • Custom catwalk configurations
  • Custom static control systems

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SheetRunner Sheeter
Dual-Rotary Sheeter for Easy, Low-Cost Installation and Minimal Floor Space

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