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SLK 490

High-Performance Cut-Size Sheeter 7-10 Pockets for A4 Paper Production
Available with 7 up to 10 pockets, the SLK 490 cut-size sheeter sets standards in mass production of all common paper grades with perfect ream and cut quality. It offers high-performance with speeds of up to 450 m/min, at maximum cost-effectiveness. At all speeds, compliance with the strictest quality standards (ream quality, sheet squareness, cut accuracy and cut quality) is guaranteed.

• High speed production of up to 180 reams per minute
• Excellent cut quality that fulfills all standards worldwide
• Non-stop reel change, special unwind design for efficiency and partial to full automation
• Variation in number of reams directed to left or right discharge during production
• Movable operation terminal with touch screen
• Sliding acoustic guards, low noise level
• Easily accessible design reduces changeover times & maintenance downtimes
• Efficient order handling through Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Ideal for...
• Paper mills and large paper converters

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Cut-Size Sheeter for A4 Paper Production: SLK 490 Cut-Size Sheeting: Paper Transport Cut-Size Sheeting: Collecting Cut-Size Sheeting: Unwind Station Cut-Size Sheeting: Slitter Section Side view_SLK 490
Working Width (max.) 1,800 mm (8 / (7) pockets)
2,160 mm (10 / (9) pockets)
Pockets 8 (7) to 10 (9)
Reel width (min.) 700 mm
Reel width (max.) 1,825 - 2,235 mm
Reel diameter (Standard) 1,600 mm
Ream height (max.) 130 mm
Output (reams per min.)
-Single discharge-
144 - 150 reams
Output (reams per min.)
-Dual discharge-
144 - 180 reams
Speed (max.) 450 m/min.
Working strokes 18
Size width 180 mm (min.)
Size length 210 mm (min.)
457.2 mm (max.)
Cutting tolerance +/- 0.2 mm
Cross cutter knife load (max.) 600 gsm

A benchmark in high productive cut-size sheeting
Mass production meets flexibility
The SLK 490 series sets standards in mass converting of all common paper grades. Available with 7 up to 10 pockets, it can discharge 180 reams per minute at a speed of up to 450 m/min and its maximum working width of 2,160 mm with 10 adjacent pockets. A high degree of automation maximizes productivity. Flexible size change features and an easily accessible machine design guarantee efficient and simple operation.

Excellent cut quality and precision
Like all cut-size sheeters from WillPemcoBielomatik, also the SLK 490 guarantees excellent cut and ream quality. A precision cross cutter with advanced knife technology ensures that all quality standards (angle accuracy, cutting tolerance and cut quality) are fulfilled.

Optimal configuration for increased productivity
An optional dual discharge, enabling the number of reams directed left and right to be varied during production, provides you with a unique production advantage in the competitive paper converting market. Compatible, fully automated WillPemcoBielomatik packaging systems complement the high productivity of your line.
Automation & Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
The high level of automation includes automatic reel change. Our specially developed Manufacturing Execution System (MES) guarantees flexible and efficient production by controlling and monitoring the entire production process – for orders starting at one pallet.
Simple operation saves time
Short maintenance times round out this user-friendly machine. Easily exchangable aggregates, working platforms above the machine and a movable terminal with touch screen further facilitate production with a SLK 490 cut-size sheeter. This sheeter not only saves a lot of time but also offers you smooth and trouble-free production runs.

System solutions for cut-size sheeter SLK 490
This high-performance sheeter can be integrated with
• WillPemcoBielomatik inline packaging systems
  • Ream wrapper
  • Ream labeler
  • Ream inspection / rejection
  • Ream stacker / accumulator
  • Case packer
  • Case labeler
  • Case inspection / rejection
  • Interfaces for integrating palletizers & pallet packaging

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SLK 490
High-Performance Cut-Size Sheeter 7-10 Pockets for A4 Paper Production

System Solutions: More Than a Machine

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