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P 23-02

Cut-Size Sheeter (3 pockets) for A4 Paper Production
Flexible cut-size sheeter for versatile converting of copy paper or loose leaves
including optional inline ream wrapper and cartonizer

The P23-02 is a reliable, automatic cut-size sheeter (3 pockets) with optional inline ream wrapper (CSW 25, CSW 30 or Pemco Model 32) and cartonizer (CSC60) for converting cut-size paper in medium production runs and with sizes ranging from A4 to A3 (8 1/2“ x 11“ up to 11“ x 17“).

Reliable and efficient production line for all common sizes - from A4 up to A3 (8 1/2“ x 11“ up to 11“ x 17“) and knife loads up to 500 g/m²
• High efficiency due to easy handling
• Constant high quality products
• Allows running up to 6-pockets wide reels on a 3-pockets sheeter
• Production speed up to 500 m/min.
• Small footprint (especially compared to 6-pockets line) & fast installation
• Options include ream turning station (A3 size), rotative file hole punching, cut-to-register, flexo ruling, etc.
Appropriate for...
• Paper converters
• Paper mills

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Cut-Size Sheeter for A4 Paper Production: P23-02 Cut-Size Sheeter: P 23-02 Cross Cutter Cut-Size Sheeter & Wrapper: P 23-02 wrapper Cut-Size Sheeter: P 23-02 Slitter

metric imperial
Paper reel diameter 1,530 mm (max.) 60” (max.)
Paper reel width  720 mm (min.)
1,280 mm (max.)
optional: 1,440 mm (max.)
28.3” (min.)
50.4” (min.)
optional: 56.6” (max.)
Working width cross cutter (max.) 720 mm (max.) 28.3” (max.)
Paper weight
- Synchro knife
- DD knife
min. 50 g/m2, max. 500 g/m2
min. 50 g/m2, max. 500 g/m2
Core diameter
- mech. self clamping or
- hydraulic clamping
70 - 190 mm 2.75” - 7.5”
Production speed
500 m/min.
DD knife: according to speed curve
1,640 ft/min.
DD knife: according to speed curve
Cutting frequency (dep. on cut-off length)  1,700 per minute (max.)
(DD knife: according to speed curve)
Cut-off length
DD knife: max.

200 mm 
470 mm
520 mm

Cutting tolerance +/- 0.15 mm +/- 0.006”
Ream height
min. - max.
min. - max.
depending on collection station

1 mm -70 mm
10 mm -127 mm

0.04” - 2.75”
0.4” - 5”
Exit cycles (max.)
depending on collection station

15 per minute
30 per minute 
Reams (max.)
depending on collection station
45 per minute 
90 per minute 

• Different unwind systems for any demand
• Cutting with highest precision
• Reject gate for rejecting splices with counting correction in collecting
• Direct drive and register cut possible, size correction on every cut
• Fast & easy change-over of sizes on sheeter and wrapper
• Sheet or reel feeder for economic feeding of wrapping paper
• Glue application outside of wrapper for easy access
• Turning unit in front of wrapper for reams in A3 (11“ x 17“) size
• Wrapping systems for different demands
• Flexo ruling for loose leaves
• Synchro knife block or direct driven (DD) knife block, depending on required output & cut-off length
• Narrow reels without turning bars in line with sheeter
• Different collecting stations optimized for different capacities and ream heights
• Splice detector
• Reject gate for unwrapped & wrapped reams
• Rotative hole punching for file holes
• Detecting of print marks for cut to register
• Automatic web control to minimize trim

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P 23-02
Cut-Size Sheeter (3 pockets) for A4 Paper Production

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