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Model 162

High-Speed Case Packer/Lidder
The precise, high-speed case packer / lidder Model 162 is a key component in a fully-automated ream production line and only requires limited operator interface. It cases single or double stacked reams with precision fit every time, using the stack as a forming mandrel as case and lid blanks are formed around the stack and glued. Operators just need to keep machine filled with case/lid blanks and glue.

• Precise casing of single or double stacked reams
• Up to 30 (singles) or 15 (doubles) cases per minute
• Smooth production with only limited operator interface
• Designed for use with flat, scored and slotted/die cut blanks
• Nordson ProBlue hot melt glue system assures perfect adhesion
• Touch screen interface and programmable logic controller (PLC)
Ideal for...
• Integrated paper mills & converters of standard paper ream sizes

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Automatic Case Packer: Model162 machine overview Automatic Case Packer: Model 162: Casing Automatic Case Packer: Model 162: Lid Load Automatic Case Packer: Model 162: Case process
Case size
267 - 470 mm (length)
210 - 362 mm (width)
152 - 445 mm (height)
10.5" - 18.5" (length)
8.25" - 14.25" (width)
6" - 17.5" (height)
single stack - up to 30 cases/minute
double stack - up to 15 cases/minute
Lid flap range
70 - 102 mm (minimum to maximum)
 2.75" to 4" (minimum to maximum)
High-speed, precise casing of up to 30 cases (singles stacks) per minute
The Model 162 case packer/lidder ensures perfect case quality with precision fit and ideal protection of reams. It is capable of producing up to 30 cases per minute (single ream stacks) or, optionally, up to 15 cases per minute (double ream stacks).

Fully-automated with only limited operator interface
Cases are formed, glued and then move on - the whole process is a smooth, continuous motion and part of a fully-automated production line. Operators need only keep machine filled with case/lid blanks and glue.

Precise casing and lidding process
The machine is designed for use with flat, scored and slot-ted/die cut blanks. Before case sides form around the stack, side squaring plates and belt-driven pusher plates square up each stack. After the case forming process, reciprocating plates and stationary folders fold minor flaps. Pressure rollers complete the glued flap compression. In a continuous, smooth motion then the case lid is folded and glued while held in position on top of the case.

Enhanced lid feed fault recovery
This feature adds a second cylinder to the initial flap folding section. When a lid feed fault occurs, the first cylinder will fire as normal. The second cylinder will also fire, folding the flap to its sealed position. The machine then stops, allowing the operator to correct the fault. Requirement for this feature is a maximum flap height of 279 mm and a minimum 38 mm below the carton height.

Touchscreen and PLC simplify machine operation
A PLC and a touchscreen make machine operation easy and comfortable. In addition, the Model 162 is an conveniently accessible machine.

Nordson ProBlue hot melt system for reliable gluing
The Nordson ProBlue enclosed solid state hot melt glue system ensures consistent glue adhesion and durable cases. Time clock for automatic 7-day operation further facilitates operation.

System solutions for case packer/lidder Model 162
This precise case packer/lidder can be part of a complete sheeting and packaging line, it is easily combined inline with
• WillPemcoBielomatik cut-size sheeters (e.g. SLK 490 (7-10 pockets) or SLK 470 (11-16 pockets))
• Further WillPemcoBielomatik packaging machines
• Ream wrapper
• Ream labeler
• Ream inspection/rejection
• Ream stacker/accumulator
• Case labeler
• Case inspection/rejection
• “Low-level” glue indicator
• Double stack cases
• Management Information System (MIS)
• Lid-to-case gluing for single stacks (8 1/2 x 11” / A4)
• One Piece Carton modification for wraparound cases
• Automatic case/lid exchange (ACE)
• Package size change gauges

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Model 162
High-Speed Case Packer/Lidder

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