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SE1000 Dual Rotary Shear

High speed scrap divert and web sever capabilities

The Shear can enhance the productivity of the entire line through reliable, high-speed
removal of scrap and looseback before it can enter the dry end. Unbounded board is a
frequent cause of dry end machinery jams. Shear features which allow excellent scrap out
reliability include:

  • Dual rotary design allows the shear to easily cut through all types of scrap
  • Driven diverter nip ensures positive diversion of defective sheets onto the scrap cart. This feature is essential to control board that is not cured properly
  • Exit brush prevents looseback accumulation around knife cylinders
  • Scrap cart moved closer to cutting cylinder to maximize scrap cart capacity and prevent sheet hang-ups during cart removal.

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Shear Corrugator Components: Overview SE 1000 Dual Rotary Shear Divert Pan
Technical details dual rotary shear
  • Low diverter angle improves divert reliability
  • Scrap cart can be easily emptied with fork truck.
  • Parts interchangeable with MarquipWardUnited cutoff knife (knife blades, cylinder motor, and drive).
  • AB CompactLogix PLC Controls Platform.
  • New frame positions scrap cart upstream for improved scrap stacking and unobstructed cart removal.
  • Divert Nip enhances scrap handling.
  • Helical-wound blades on top and bottom knife cylinders produce a square cut.  This allows the user to make a sellable first sheet on every order change without the waste of a first trim cut.  This decreases waste, and keeps small scrap sheets out of the dry end.  It also allows for square dunnage sheets when needed.
Remote Scrap Divert - wet end operator selection of length to be diverted
- Automatic Dry Spot / Hot Plate Scrap Divert
- Splice Detect and Automatic Divert
- Adjustable Sheet Length - variable cut length capability allows operator to select a shear
cut length for diverted sheets between 787 mm (31”) and 1549 mm (61”)

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SE1000 Dual Rotary Shear
High speed scrap divert and web sever capabilities

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