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Harmony Corrugator Series

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Harmony Corrugator Production Gun-drilled steel hot plates virtually eliminate cupping and deflection Dual Rotary Shear: Low diverter angle improves divert reliablity Industry-leading head setup accuracy Saber Knife: Reliable high-speed instant order change Saber Knife: Walk-in access is convenient and safe Downstacker: Reliable high-speed instant order change Expert advice by phone and  and through remote access via modem, VPN software & hardware. Supporting Maintenance: Training, Spare Parts, Technical & Field Service
  • Production Speed: 300 mpm/ 350 mpm
  • Width: 2500 mm/ 2800 mm
  • Average Capacity: +9-12 million M^2/Month
  • Vacuum Traction Section eliminates the possibility of board crush in the traction section. Superior traction is provided without the use of a nip to pull the board. Board caliper and stiffness are increased.
  • Improved board quality with no curing time. Immediate Conversion
  • Industries narrowest trim specification on the Slitter Scorer that allows significant payback in trim waste reduction.
  • The Saber knife provides the lowest energy consumption of any corrugator cutoff knife.
  • Single Level
  • Double Level
  • Infusion Technology 

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Harmony Corrugator Series

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