Barry-Wehmiller Network


Upgrade Application
For all MarquipWardUnited DECC machines
Upgrade Description
Replace existing obsolete Allen-Bradley VME/PLC 5 controllers with modern Rockwell Automation ControlLogix hardware and upgrading the outdated DOS-based Operator Interface Computer to a Windows-Based computer and graphical interface.
Upgrade Benefits
Improved reliability by replacing all VME PLC’s with a single ControlLogix PLC
Remote access capability provided by Ethernet WOIC interface
Improved Windows-Based Operator Interface
Visual display of order information including output level, sheet width, board type, and more!
Shortcut buttons to frequently used status screens
Configurable Hot Keys
Slide-out menus provide easy access to any desired status or configuration screens
Windows looks and feels more familiar and easier to navigate than DOS controls
Easy configuration access, modification, and verification
Includes Optional PLC-5 Replacements Download Brochure
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