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Splicer X Package

Splicer X Upgrade Application
Applicable to all Model I and IM Splicers. Splicers need to have a dual dancer roll system, 76 mm (3 in.) Cable cylinders, existing or upgraded standard capstan motor system, and be PLC controlled or upgraded.
Splicer X Upgrade Description
Features additional high HP capstan roll and motor, and larger capstan motor for existing capstan roll.
New hardware:
- After removal of the existing components, the new roll, motors, pulleys, belts and guards are installed. Motors will be wired to control cabinet.
- Control cabinet will be updated with necessary controls and components. Splicer 
Upgrade Benefits
Increases the paper splice speed by 50 MPM (150 FPM) Download Brochure
Splicer X before web
Splicer X web


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